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What is Plagiarism?

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Added on  2023-03-22

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This presentation provides an overview of plagiarism, including its definition, types, and consequences. It also offers tips on how to avoid plagiarism in academic writing. The presentation includes references for further reading.

What is Plagiarism?

   Added on 2023-03-22

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What is Plagiarism?_1
What is Plagiarism?
In respect of Birmingham University plagiarism is the act of
cheating and writing the academic article in the name of
someone else.
This is very serious offense which a student does by writing
someone else work and writing it or paraphrasing it either by
not mentioning name of actual writer or by not referencing it
There are various sources through which t hey could copy
the material like from web, from lecture notes, books or
journals or from another students assignment as well.
According to University of Birmingham this is very serious
offense which is also dealt is very strict form by
management of university.
What is Plagiarism?_2
Different types of
There are basically two types of
plagiarism which many be either
intentional or unintentional on the hand
of students who are copying someone
else work and making it their own.
What is Plagiarism?_3

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