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Statistics and Probability
PRINCE MOHAMMAD BIN FAHD UNIVERSITYDEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS AND NATURAL SCIENCES Statistical AnalysisProject AssignmentSpring Semester -- 2014[This semester long project will count towards 15% of your final course grade. It aims to test your general understanding of the course and your ability to use Statistics in business research. Please read the attached instructions carefully and following the general guidelines provided. Submit the required assignments on time and try to produce a research as professional as possible.]Form a group of 3-4 members (maximum group size is 4.) Decision about the group members once made should not be changed. Perform the following tasks sequentially and note the due dates.GroupAssignment1. Thinks of a business area with which you feel comfortable and able to do the research in.Think of an objective you want to prove (or disprove). Narrow down your ideas to a specific ideaafter discussing your ideas in the classroom and getting input from fellow students.Due Date: 04/03/20082. Write a questionnaire that you feel will help you test the accuracy of your ideas. Make surethat those questions in the questionnaire measures rather than questions that ask. In other words,use “how” and “why” rather than “what” questions.Make sure that this questionnaire has at least:-2 NOMINAL variables-2 ORDINAL variables-2 DISCRETE variables-and 2 CONTINUOUS variables3. Choose a method to select your sample. You will have to discuss this method in class or in theoffice hours.Due Date: Will be announced in classIndividualAssignment4. Apply all the statistical analysis methods we learned in class to these variables (See next page.)5. Submit the following:Final report Due Date: Week 16
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