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The Principles of Design - Assignment

Added on - 11 May 2020

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Running head: Art1ArtbyCourse:Tutor:University:Department:16 October 2017
Art2ArtI began by choosing the theme of my collage which is a home and its environmentthen I decided the size of my collage to be medium measuring 6” x 8”. This was important atthe initial stage for it determined the number of elements I needed to create a visually vibrantand exciting collage (Ashby & Johnson, 2013). Then I chose a black palette made of plywoodon which to carry out my work. I chose plywood material because it is hard and light. Thenext step was to gather tools for the job which included scissors, glue sticks, sticking glue,old newspapers (with no adverts) and mount adhesive (Nowakowski et al., 2011).Now I had to brainstorm on a piece of paper to generate ideas before I embarked onlooking for images to borrow ideas from in creating my collage. Since I had settled onmaking a collage of a home and its environs, I picked up a pencil and followed my flow ofthought by writing down anything relevant that came into my mind until I came up with mycollage of a home.
Art3The work is a colourful representation of a home whose set-up is in upcountry, andthe presence of just a single house shows that it is a young family and most probably of ayoung couple. The presence of vegetation shows that indeed this house is set out of the city.The existence of a single-lane tarmac road also shows that the home is located out of town.Additionally, the existence of only a straightforward structure of a home is proof to the factthat it is a young family. The lines used to create the edges are both vertical and horizontalwhich creates the impression of the potential for movement and a calm and quite moodrespectively (Liu et al., 2015). This gives the picture a calm and quiet mood, and thepotentiality for movement respectively. The shape of the collage is free-form. The imageshape is that of a rectangle and is therefore geometric. The picture has even spacing hence theviewing is excellent. The texture of the collage or surface quality of the image is somehowsmooth except for the application of the strong pigmentation (Glatstein, 2016).The principles of design are also evident in the collage (Williams, 2015). For instance,the principle of balance in the image is formal because both sides are arranged symmetricallythus making the entire image balanced. Furthermore, the principle of balance is seen in theharmonious combination of colors, object shapes, texture, and space. The object of balance isachieved in the image by dividing it into two sections: the first half is composed of the sky inthe background, and the second one with the house, trees and roads. This further explains theprinciple of contrast, in which the texture of hills is contrasted with that of the valley thusholding the attention of the viewer and guiding his/her eyes through the artwork. There is alsoproportionality in the picture because the sizes of the elements in the image are harmoniouslycombined for example the house figure is relatively smaller in scale compared to the house.The principle of emphasis is also central in the collage. For instance, the artist has used colorsand size to direct the viewer towards the figures of the road and sky though they arecomparatively small in scale (Gladstein, 2016). The eyes of the viewer are also led to the area
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