Privacy Issues in E-commerce Systems


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Privacy issues in e-commerce systems
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Privacy is an important issue when dealing with e-commerce, it has been causing a negative impacts on growth and further
development of e-commerce. This paper will discuss lack of privacy of customers on e-commerce websites and applications,
importance of adequate privacy measures would be emphasized and a few ways of implementing change would be outlined
in the report. .
The use of internet has been increasing swiftly every year, software developments, availability of cheap peripheral devices
and wide accessibility of internet is the major contributing factor. The advancement in software engineering over the past
few years has enabled consumers a more enriched and broader computer interactive experience. The existence of wide
variety of software and click and simple point interface has contributed further to the experience due to the ease of usability
The use information technology in conducting business operation today has become common. For example business to
business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) transactions are used commonly in the market. The interaction and fusion of
these categories of transaction has led to electronic commerce. E commerce can be defined as ‘’the transaction of goods or
services over the internet. Unlike the traditional means, e-commerce does not involve physical interaction between retailers,
consumers or suppliers. This has led to the rise of number of issues and risk, security and ethical privacy issues. The
eradicating privacy and security issues in e-commerce software models is important to the business, consumers and
regulators. Most of customers feel insecure in regards to the current guidelines and policies with respect to security and
privacy online. The report will focus on ethical privacy issues in e-commerce software models [6].
Since computer software’s have the ability to collect and process huge amount of data and the capability of the internet to
avail the information on the global scale, the concern and the need of better security especially when dealing with e-
commerce activities has risen . In turn legislatures, consumers, privacy advocates have pressed for improved and broader
privacy protocols over the internet. Privacy can be define as ‘’the rights of individuals and organization to determine for
themselves when, and how and what extent information about them is to be transmitted to others’’. The survey that was
conducted by Polyester Research indicate that users of age between 18 and 24 years takes their privacy as their major
concern when considering on the online shopping website. Other research shows that internet users in the United States
dislike registering on online sites if private information is required like the bank account details and personal address. Most
people are very concern when it comes to providing their correct personal details. These impairs greatly further e-commerce
software developments and it influences sales and profits. The recent concluded research shows that nearly 65% of online
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