Marketing Strategies for Enhanced Market Share


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INTRODUCTIONMarketing essentials is a process of facing competition and define the need of customers. It can be develop marketing decision as well as marketing programs which is define the team work of team that is involve in an organization as well as entity. It can be determining the tools and activity which is used in the business to promote their product. In the marketing process they have to involve product as well as service that is define the strategies of the business to provide service to their customers to get better satisfaction. The main purpose of marketing essential is to identify customers need and wants which is affect the marketing process. H&M is the concept of the fashion as well as quality which is provide the better and suitable price for our customers. The aim of this company is providing fashion quality of their customers (Dibb, S, 2013). TASK 1P1 Role and responsibilities of the marketing functionIn the marketing essential the role and responsibilities of it which can be increasing market share as well as company growth. There are some roles and responsibilities of marketing function:Strategy: - The main responsibilities marketing essential is to set the marketing strategies for the organization. Foe the market important factor is make strategy to evaluate their process of market which is help in satisfying customers according to their need and wants. It can be promote the organization goals and objective which is used in achieving effectives goals in the organization.Market Research: - In this responsibilities the organization can determine the market opportunities and get better understanding of the customers regarding their needs and wants with the help of marketing research. It can be including to define the strength and weakness of the competitors of organization (McDaniel and Gates. 2013). Marketing research have to help in achieving goals which isset by the organization regarding their particular product and it can be study of organization process.Product development: - Market function can be determine the product which is introduce in the market and buy the customers for their personal use. Marketing essential is help to increase productivity and development of the product in the consumer’s mind so that they can reach their target and achieving their goal which is already define by the company. In the marketing process they can established the development team to provide information about the product, features of product and improvement of new product also. That can be help to increasing the product value as well as product brand in end users mind which is help in development of the product in the market field by the uses of customers.Communication: - marketing function is focus on communication skill of their employees which is promote the product effectively and enhance value of the product as well as maintain organization image. The responsibility of market function is include better service to their customers and informed regarding the product is effectively (Durmaz, 2011). They can maintain design to promote product in the market with the help of better communication. It can be include the advertisement of the product to achieve better feedback by the end user and develop of the product image in customers mind.Sales Improvement: - Marketing function is the best process of improving of sales with the help of marketing tools like advertising, personal selling, promotion activity which is help to define their product in market as well as customer’s mind that is improve in the sales and productivity. The
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