Procrastination: A Hurdle in Achieving Success


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Procrastination is considered as a practice of carrying out urgent assigned works with lesspreference (Brunnermeier, 2016). The writer in the writer is habitual of procrastination. Herepresents procrastination in doing every task of her life. When he was joining the band group ofhis friends, he developed a lyric which was also suffered from procrastination. Due to this habitof the writer, the teachers in the school complained the mother of the writer and he subsequentlygain warning again and again. But one day he realizes the side effects of the procrastination. Butall this happened in a day of June when he went for surfing to try to unwind. He expected verymuch from that day because it was not a simple day. It was special because the beautiful ways ofthe writer life are going to start from that day. But he lost it and not focused it seriously. Aftermissing that golden chance, he felt very disappointment. He also felt himself paralyze whocannot do anything in his life further. Yes, Adam Green feels right he lost all opportunities dueto his habit of procrastination. It can be beneficial up to a certain limit, but it is necessary for thewriter to understand the importance of time and opportunities. He tried to understand himselfthat he would be able to catch the wave at the last moment but it was not so. Thus, he realizedthat the unridden ways are like such waves which are not coming again. He thought that theseways give me large satisfaction, achievement, and fame but he was not able to do so.I agree with the views of the writer. He lost such opportunity which can provide fame and moneyin future. Due to his procrastination habit, he loses all his necessary things (Mullen, 2014). Themost important thing is confidence and self-trust which the writer lost completely. Confidenceand self-trust are those important things which can provide success and large satisfaction tosomeone (Gustavson, 2015). He should improve his habit in beginning when his class teacherscrolled him and gave last warning. On the other hand, the father and mother of the writer shouldalso come forward and take a strict action against the writer. Yes, I also lost some opportunities

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