Professional Skills for ICT

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Running head: PROFESSIONAL SKILLS FOR ICTProfessional skills for ICTName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
PROFESSIONAL SKILLS FOR ICT1Reference 1:Ahsan, K., Ho, M., & Khan, S. (2013). Recruiting project managers: A comparativeanalysis of competencies and recruitment signals from job advertisements.ProjectManagement Journal,44(5), 36-54.Annotation:The literature is about the core requirements and skills that are required in projectmanagers in the Information and Communication Technology industry. Only the candidateswith the right set of skills are appointed as project managers. The ICT industry is boomingwith job opportunities but there are the number of obstacles that each candidate needs toovercome in order to get into this industry. The recruiters are given a very high non-negotiable criteria bar and they can recruit only those candidates are recruited who can meetthe criteria. The literature also states that the desired profile of a project manager must besuch that the collective skills of a project manager can be used to handle any project of thedomain that the manager belongs to. This has in turn dictated the competency parameters thatguide the project manager recruitment. The requirements of this industry is high as thetechnology advances produced by this industry that would govern the work practices of otherindustries. The author Kamrul Ahsan studied atVictoria University, Melbourne, Australiaand authorMarcus Hostudied at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Thisshows that these authors are in the academia field and are quite versed at researching the mostrecent technologies. AuthorSabik Khanworks at Trust Bank Limited, Bangladesh. This sowsthat he has quit6e a vivid idea on the professional skills that are needed by a project manager.The key finding in this literature is that domain knowledge is not the only thing that isrequired in an ICT project manager. The person needs leadership and various other soft skillsthat are far more important and crucial for the completion of a project. Team building skillsalong with the team management skills are also required, which also falls under the soft skillset. A team with the right set of people is the essence of any project and thus it becomes thusit becomes the responsibility of a project manager to keep the team involved for the durationof the project tenure. The research conducted in this literature is qualitative and it focuses onthe various skill sets of a project manager. The reference is very beneficial in understandingthe requirements that a candidate needs to fulfil in order to become a project manager. Thelimitation of the literature is that it does not describe in detail the individual skill of theproject manager skill set.
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