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PROJ6016 Employer Based Project

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Added on  2021-04-21

PROJ6016 Employer Based Project

   Added on 2021-04-21

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Application for PROJ6016Employer Based ProjectStudent Personal Details, please complete all fields: Student ID NumberFamily NameGiven Name/sPreferred NameDate of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)GenderTelephoneTorrens Email AddressProgram NameWork HistorySubject DescriptionThe Employer Based Project subject is a 4-unit postgraduate subject designed to facilitate work-integrated learning in the student’s current employment to be included in the volume of learning for the student’s currently enrolled program. Like any other subject, there is an expectation that the student will engage in 120 hours of active learning above and beyondtheir normal employment duties. This subject requires the student to undertake and document an original and new project that will be sponsored by and benefit the employer as well as demonstrably bridge the theoretical–praxis gap in the student’s knowledge. If approved, the student will be allocated an academic supervisor who will support the student in bridging knowledge and practice for the duration of the unit. Assessment SuiteThe assessment for the Employer Based Project subject are designed to ensure the student progressively adds to their knowledge, integrating the activities of their Employer Based Project into the program-based learning. Assessment for this subject are based on the following five assessment pieces:Assignment one – business case and scope of the projectAssignment two – fortnightly progress reportsAssignment three – final project presentationAssignment four – supervisor evaluationAssignment five – reflective learning reportIntended Learning OutcomesAt the end of the subject, the student should be able to:Integrate working knowledge of major elements of their courseReflect on professionalism as it relates to contemporary work environmentsDeliver a major project to the employer
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Offering Selection Please indicate below:UnitsYearTrimesterModeT1T2T3PROJ6016Employer Based Project4RemoteEmployer Based Project Contact HoursPlease indicate below: List your current work arrangements: Professor at Torrens University List the proposed work arrangements in which to complete the subject:I worked with Torrens University as aprofessor wherein I wanted to bring in ahuge change as to make the system easierand wherein the students will be happy inrelation to the study techniques applied fortheir wellness Proposed Employer Based ProjectDescribe the business problem you propose to addressThe Torrens University is one of the biggest universities in the country with a wide varietyof students flocking to the university every year to pursue a career. They opt for differentcourses and diplomas to get a good name and credit in their career resumes. However,recently with the advent of modern technology, all other universities have upgradedthemselves to use the modern day teaching systems whereby the students are givenelectronic notes and the method of teaching is very easy. The Torrens university has beenunable to do so due to lack of association sponsors and funds. This has made the studentsextremely dissatisfied as they are not used to the old school methods of teaching and arehence facing problems while learning. The main issue in Torrens University is related tochange management wherein the university is not being able to enable differentstrategies that will help in solving these issues and handle them effectively. Secondly, the students have also been complaining that the university is charginghigher fees and this has caused havoc amongst the students with regard to the fees andthey have lodged various complaints against the university.
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I have taken this particular issue to address because student is the main reasonbehind the running of the university. If the students are not satisfied then they tend toinfluence the other population and can bring a bad name for the university. Hence, if thisproblem is solved, the university will be in a favorable position.Describe the current impact of the business problem to your employerThe primary problem is the student dissatisfaction. The students often complain that theyare being over charged and that they are not being provided with adequate facilities. Thisleads to the following impacts on my employer`s business:Reduction in annual admissions- As the students perceive that the courses that are beingoffered are overpriced, they tend not to enroll to various courses. This has witnessed adip in the earnings and enrollment of the university.Wasted effort- The professors do put in a lot of effort behind teaching the courses butunfortunately, their efforts are being wasted and they are unable to convert their effortsto success.Hampering university name- Due to the conception of increase in the fees and no usageof modern teaching materials and technology, the name of the university in the country isbeing hampered and this spoils the goodwill of the organization. When the goodwill ofthe organization is spoilt, it tends to bring a bad name for the organization.Describe how the employer will benefit from your proposed projectThe proposed project is to satisfy the different needs of the students by organizing thedifferent implementation of study programs with the guest lecturers in the college. Themain aim of implementation of six sigma was to understand the difficulties faced by thestudents as this would help in improving the quality, productivity, growth and cost of the
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