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Ethics Disclaimer: Research

Added on -2019-09-16

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SUBJECT NAME: RESEARCH METHODSWORD LIMIT: 2000 words(Excluding diagrams, data, appendices and references)ASSIGNMENT DETAILSPlease read the following information VERY CAREFULLY. If you are in doubt aboutanything, please consult your lecturer before you submit your work.1.The nature of the assignment.This is an individual assignment. You are to conduct a pilot research on a subject ofinterest to you. The mark scored for this assessment comprises 80% of the totalassessment for this module. You should word process your work.2.Learning outcomes and criteria for assessment.This assignment will assess these learning outcomes:1.Knowledge of the main methods of enquiry in business and management and anability to critically evaluate these.2.Responsibility for learning and demonstrate independent learning skills.To achieve a ‘Distinction’ gradeThe research will meet the criteria specified above for ‘Pass’. It will also be written to anexcellent standard and be fully integrated with the following criteria being met:Utilisation of terminology appropriate to the issues under discussion and in amanner that indicates thorough understanding of the research.Clear research objective/questions written in a logical and precise manner.Evidence of a high standard of critical analysis shown during literature reviewwith a good blend of multiple resources.Methodology contains clear justification for choice and well integrated with aimsand objectives, issues of reliability and validity are critically discussed in regardsto the proposed philosophy methodology applied. Analysis be based on proper methods and reflection will address the comparativestrengths and weaknesses of alternative approaches, conclusions drawn aresupported by clear evidence and answered the research questions establishedearlier.The correct use of referencing.3.Ethics DisclaimerIn general any research which: involves human or animal participants, their ‘products’(e.g. body samples, written records, etc); has a direct impact on individuals (e.g. researchthat will evaluate imposed changes to people’s working environment), or uses
contemporary material that may implicate living subjects or organisations; will needethical approval. Such research activity cannot be ‘disclaimed’. For these projects theUniversity requires all students, staff and supervisors to apply for Ethical Approval usingthe fast track approval form or, if appropriate, the full ethical approval application form. Only where there are no ethical implications should the disclaimer be signed. The signingof the disclaimer implies that ethical principles have been reviewed in relation to the‘proposed’ work and no issues have been found to apply to the research ‘proposal’. Inthese cases research may then proceed. Please note that no research should be embarkedupon until approval has been granted or a disclaimer has been submitted.For students, where ethics approval is deemed necessary (i.e. the Disclaimer Form has notbeen signed) the Fast Track Ethical Approval Form must be signed by the student, theirsupervisor, and one other member of academic staff. Copies of completed and approvedforms may be retained by the student/supervisor as deemed appropriate for themodule/project/award. For further information please visit the Business School’s Research Ethics website: You must clearly acknowledge sources of information within the report, and provide afull reference/bibliography at the end of the report using Harvard referencing.5.Plagiarism.Plagiarism will be severely penalised. The University publishes a fully detaileddescription of what the term plagiarism means on the University website. Unless yourclaim of extenuating circumstances is upheld, late submission will not be marked andzero mark will be awarded.*************

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