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Project Management Assignment - Willowbrook School

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Added on  2020-05-11

Project Management Assignment - Willowbrook School

   Added on 2020-05-11

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Running head: PROJECT MANAGEMENTCase Study- Willowbrook SchoolName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note
Project Management Assignment - Willowbrook School_1
1PROJECT MANAGEMENT Task 3:1. Creation of list of tasksTask NameDurationStartFinishDevelopment of information system for Willowbrook School63 daysMon 10/30/17Wed 1/24/18 Analysis phase of development28 daysMon 10/30/17Wed 12/6/17 Analyzing system requirements22 daysMon 10/30/17Tue 11/28/17 Conduction of interviews4 daysMon 10/30/17Thu 11/2/17 Conduction of documentation7 daysFri 11/3/17Mon 11/13/17 Conducting reviews8 daysFri 11/3/17Tue 11/14/17 Conducting surveys9 daysTue 11/14/17Fri 11/24/17 Conducting research10 daysWed 11/15/17Tue 11/28/17 Modeling data and processes9 daysWed 11/15/17Mon 11/27/17 Building in house of the system8 daysMon 11/27/17Wed 12/6/17 System design phase22 daysWed 11/29/17Thu 12/28/17 Developing user interface10 daysWed 11/29/17Tue 12/12/17 Data design14 daysWed 11/29/17Mon 12/18/17 Designing new system architecture12 daysThu 12/7/17Fri 12/22/17 Outsourcing the system to cloud service16 daysThu 12/7/17Thu 12/28/17 Implementation phase27 daysTue 12/19/17Wed 1/24/18 Installation of hardware18 daysFri 12/29/17Tue 1/23/18 Software installation19 daysFri 12/29/17Wed 1/24/18 Training the users21 daysTue 12/19/17Tue 1/16/18 Go live24 daysTue 12/19/17Fri 1/19/18 Ongoing support and maintenance phase2 daysMon 12/25/17Tue 12/26/17 Stakeholder sign off2 daysMon 12/25/17Tue 12/26/17 Project closure2 daysMon 12/25/17Tue 12/26/17
Project Management Assignment - Willowbrook School_2
2PROJECT MANAGEMENT2. Gantt chartFigure 1: Gantt chart(Source: Created by Author)3. Pert Chart
Project Management Assignment - Willowbrook School_3

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