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Project Management Methodologies PDF

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Added on  2021-06-14

Project Management Methodologies PDF

   Added on 2021-06-14

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Running head: PROJECT MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGIESProject Management MethodologiesName of Student: Name of University:
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PROJECT MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGIES2Topic and reading samples.Your personal learning outcomes from this unit.Learnings from your experience.Supporting documentation including your prior learnings.Project Management Methodologies PPMP20009Week 4 Lecture PresentationFrom this I learn about the OPM. OPM comes with certain benefits and in this learn presentation I learn about the beneficial aspects that OPM offers The organisational PM must align the project , program and the objectives the enterprises take must align to the organisation’s context, structure, situation and the context. There are several benefits that OPM offers like increased customer satisfaction, alignment of strategy and execution, competitive advantage, effective operations, improved cost control, improved market competencies, improved communications. The project manager, business analyst and the entire project management team, the parent organisation and customer’s organisation need to predictthe project success. The project manager must focus on the visibility, credibility, priority and the accessibility. He is also responsible to find out the best practice levels.Sljivar, I. and Gunasekaran, A., 2018, April. Agile-Scrum for Facility Design Project Management. InSPE Western Regional Meeting. Society of Petroleum Engineers.Project Management Methodologies PPMP20009Week 5 Lecture PresentationFrom the presentation I learn that the project manager must opt for the best project management practices. The best practices canhelp the enterprises to gain the competitive advantage The presentation file explains the simple steps required for analysing the readiness. Basically there are three steps associated for analysing the readiness. At first, three alternatives are taken into consideration. The three steps that are considered are – continuous improvement, organisational change management and the sustained leadership. In the consecutive step, the business analyst performs the feasibility study. The feasibility study is measured in terms of both strategic need and cost-benefit position. It is the responsibility of the project manager to assess the current scenario of the organisation. After that a Kerzner, H. and Kerzner, H.R., 2017.Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling. John Wiley & Sons.
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PROJECT MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGIES3Topic and reading samples.Your personal learning outcomes from this unit.Learnings from your experience.Supporting documentation including your prior learnings.blueprint is prepared by the project manager, the project stakeholders must follow the project plan and perform the activities accordingly. The business analyst captures the rationale of the OPM. Later thebusiness analyst set the parameters for completing the project successfully. The business analyst will carry out the feasibility test and later on the basis of the feasibility report the project manager analyse the objectives of the project. He analyses in details what are the main goals of the organisation, what are they trying to achieve. Along with preparing the project plan, the project manager with the businessanalyst performs the project risks analysis. The cost-benefit analysis is also conducted and the cost schedule is created. The stakeholders can be able to know what is budget allocated for each activities and what is the overall budget of the project. The feasibility analysis will be carried out. It will help to know whether the project can be beneficial for them or not.Project Management Methodologies PPMP20009Week 6 Lecture PresentationI learn from the presentation that the project manager and his team must follow proper project methodologies. The implementation of OPM framework has been demonstrated in the presentation. The OPM framework can prove to be beneficial, it can assist them to find out the latest organisation structure and the future improvement scopeThe enterprises will have to asses in details what they actually desire. The organisation will have to decide what actually they want and what their future goals are. The future goals of the project depends on the strategythy will take now. The business analyst will assist in taking critical decisions. The management team with the help of the project methodology can be able to enhance the business operations of the Harrison, F. and Lock, D., 2017.Advanced project management: a structured approach. Routledge.
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