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Project Management Methodologies - PPMP20009

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Added on  2021-05-31

Project Management Methodologies - PPMP20009

   Added on 2021-05-31

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Running head: PROJECT MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGIESProject Management MethodologiesName of Student: Name of University:
Project Management Methodologies - PPMP20009_1
PROJECT MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGIES2Topic and reading samples.Your personal learning outcomes from this unit.Learnings from your experience.Supporting documentation including your prior learnings.Project Management Methodologies PPMP20009Week 5 Lecture PresentationFrom the presentation I learn that a project can be accomplished successfully following the best techniques. The best techniques can help the companies to gain the desired competitive advantage. The project management team can work betterThis presentation unit defines the simple steps that are needed to analyse. During execution of the project, the three steps that are required to assess are the sustained leadership, continuous management, and the change management.In the next step, the feasibility study is performed by the business analyst. The business analyst is required to assess the business operations in terms of cost-benefitanalysis and system need. The business analyst has been appointed to analyse the current situation of the organisation. The project management team must follow the project plan. The project plan and his team must follow the project team and the feasibility report and based on that they must accomplish the project operations. The business analyst is responsible to capture the rationale of the OPM. The project manager is in charge of carrying out the cost-benefit analysis and the project risks analysis. The stakeholders can be able to assess the budget of the project. The feasibility study can assist them in knowing the benefits the project will offer. Kerzner, H. and Kerzner, H.R., 2017.Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling. John Wiley & Sons.Project Management Methodologies PPMP20009Week 6 Lecture PresentationI acknowledge reading the particular presentation that a project methodology mustbe followed. The presentation defines about OPM framework can prove to be helpful for them. OPM framework is helpful to analyse the present state of the organisation and future improvement scope The enterprises are responsible to analyse in details what are the actual needs of them. The enterprises have certain objectives regarding the project. The business analyst‘s duty is to conduct the feasibility study. The enterprises should follow any project methodology. Any specific project methodology can assist Harrison, F. and Lock, D., 2017.Advanced project management: a structured approach. Routledge.
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