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Project Management Assignment - (Solution)

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Project managementLevel 3Ahmad Tabraze
Project Management Assignment - (Solution)_1
Task 1P1. You are required to produce a report to outline about each stage of the project lifecycle of recentproject of Brickson Construction including estimated timescale for each stage of this project.Project life cycle is 4 step frameworks that will help managers with guidance of starting to finish of it.These 4 stages are project initiation stage, project planning stage, project execution stage and projectclosure stage.The project initiation stageWhen we meet the clients and understand their goals and hopes about the project is called initiationstage. In this stage the goals are considered that are important for project success.According to given scenario the Brickson Construction has following goals.Building 2 level houses on Eltham Road, southeast London 30x70 sq. feet with 4 bedrooms, 3bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 TV lounge and 1 living room.Project budget is £100,000Estimated time is 40 weeksThe initial meetings research and defining objective and making and approving will take about twoweeks to complete and then go towards 2nd stage. Project planning stage After the approval of our proposal then we move towards project planning stage and createcomprehensive project plan. In this we create outlines of project’s tasks and activities. According to Brickson Construction there are following tasks to complete the project successfully. Theintegrated project schedule is developed that coordinated the design, , procurement, and constructionteams’ activities. For tracking the expected expenditures of project, a detailed budget was generated. Adetailed drawing is developed for the use of procurement team. By looking at the design drawingsprocurement team starts to order the equipment and materials for construction team. Developing laborprojections; refining the construction schedule; and setting up the construction site all these tasks weredone byprocurement team. It took almost 10 weeks to make plan and bring it to its executable form.The project execution stageIn this phase the project plan is implemented and put into motion and project work is done in this stage.In this stage the most important thing is communicating and keeping control of the thigs in workingprocess. For the Brickson Construction the defined work was accomplished by the project team and with thechange in the project plan adjustment was made. Delivering the material to sight, hiring and traininglabor, building the construction sight was done and all the construction activities, from first dozer arrivalto final light switch installation, were accomplished in expected 30 weeks.
Project Management Assignment - (Solution)_2
The project closure stageThe closeout phase included turning over the newly constructed 2 level house to the operations team ofthe client. A few remaining construction item’s punch lists was developed, and those items completed.The temporary office on construction site was closed and all the project documents were archived, theaccounting books were reconciled and closed and writing and distribution of final reports were done.Project closure was done in two weeks.P2. Identify the stakeholders of the Brickson Construction and expectations of stakeholders involvedin a project, including the role of project manager for this project. Brickson Construction has stakeholders in various industry sectors like commercial, residential andinfrastructure. The expectations of stakeholders are as followed:The work must be done on timeThe quality of work must be at the markThe project must be budget efficientThe building must have all safety measuresFriendliness and being greeted, acknowledged and warmly welcomed by project participantsNot being judged and criticized on their vision by project teamMust be treated fairlyStakeholder need to feel the control over projectExpect the be informed about progressThe role of project manager in this project that he plans the whole project and defines the scope of theproject. The project manager plan about all the resource usage and develop a schedule for each work.He estimates the expected time and cost required to complete the project and he develops the budgetto meet that expected cost. He done the cost and benefit analysis of the project and analyze andmitigate the risks. He leads the whole crew of project and deal with the partners. He manages thequality and reports the whole progress to its boss. He made and manages the whole documentation ofthe project.Task 2 P3Project Name: Project Management ImprovementPurpose of projectThe aim of the Project Plan is to provide the information required successfully executing and monitoringthe project, facilitating communication among project stakeholders, and record accepted schedulebaselines. The project plan is a living document and will change with the time more information isavailable about the project.Based upon certain primary assumptions, the draft plan was established as set out in the ProjectCharter. Changes in these assumptions that affect the schedule, the expected costs, the project sizeand/or the quality of the project. The assumptions are:
Project Management Assignment - (Solution)_3
The aims of this project support the vision, mission, and objectives of Division of InformationTechnology and help faculty, employees and students to realize their visions using IT.The project helps Division of Information Technology to achieve its objective of excellent customerservice. Management of Division of Information Technology actively supports improvements in each of theseven areas: frameworks, tools, project management skills, thinking, culture, politics andcommunication. The management and staff of Division of Information Technology comply with the requirements forall project management responsibilities.The schedule is reasonable and practicable. The progressive deployment supports early success andcontinues to improve. The project consists of a long-term implementation as components aredeveloped and implemented, and sustainable skills and upgrades in the seven component areas.The management of Division of Information Technology assigns key project roles and appropriatebudget to this project for its development and implementation. Effective, enough and adequate levels of communication are provided throughout the projectphases between the management Division of Information Technology, the sponsor and the projectteam.Excessive details to ensure common understanding, flexibility and adoptive measures are avoidedwithin the project framework.Division of Information Technology is implemented across the scope of project deliverables thatsupport many functional groups, projects and customers.
Project Management Assignment - (Solution)_4

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