How to Read and Implement Legal Issues in a Project


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Project MGMT
MPM 541
Team Project- Team Work
How to read a contract or
agreement and implement legal
issues in a project

Background of the presentation
The contract is a valid agreement that is
enforceable to each party and the same consists of
certain terms and conditions, which reflect
obligations and entitlements of parties.
Here to state that in case of breach of contract,
another party can sue the defaulting party.

Contract selected for the preparation of this
presentation is a Building Facility Management
and Service Agreement that is developed between
ALDAR Properties PJSC and a facility manager.
It is a standard contract and name of other party is
not mentioned in the same.

Contract formation
A contract is formed when offer and acceptance are
there in addition to a valid consideration and intention
to create legal relation (Epstein, 2012). All these factors
seem to be validly incorporated in the subjective
contract. Nevertheless, in the introductory part of the
contract, registration number of parties should have
been mentioned, as the same is a company and not an

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