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Running Head: MUSIC INDUSTRY Music industry
MUSIC INDUSTRY1INTRODUCTIONCox music limited is a music company which was established in July 2017. This music company is now planning to record and release a music which is to be recorded by the renowned artist Alison Brad. The company before recording has to comply with certain provision of law governing musical works in Australia. The musical works cover under the provision of copyrightwhich is given under Copyright Act 1986.
MUSIC INDUSTRY2Legal mattersAs the company is planning to record a song by an artist for this this purpose the artist and the company should bind themselves legally by entering into the contract so that they can seek legal remedy in case of there of any dispute arises in the middle of the contract. But for that there should be basic elements which must exist into contract includes:1Agreements in which one party gives an offer (with terms and condition) to another partyfor acceptance,2Capacity: both of the parties should have attained age of majority and capable to understand the consequences of the contract. Consideration: There should be legal consideration between the parties without consideration the contract will considered as valid contract.Legal intention: the contract should have legal binding effect to bind the parties for that party must have legal intention to create a legal relationship between them.3Mutual consent: for the valid contract there must be a free consent from both of the party.1 Small Business Development Corporation, Contract and agreements (2016) <>.2 Nolo, What makes a Contract Valid? (November 2006) Forbes <>.3Harold Stock & Co, When is a Contract Legally Binding (September 2013) <>.

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