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Professional Engineering: Summary StatementCompetency ElementA brief summary of how youhave applied the elementParagraph number in thecareer episode(s) where theelement is addressedPE 1 KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL BASEPE1.1 Comprehensive,theory basedunderstanding of theunderpinning natural andphysical sciences and theengineering fundamentalsapplicable to theengineering discipline.1. The project was based onstudy of principles of operationof series wound DC motormodel. 2. The project was based onstudy of unified power qualityconditioner (UPQC) applied tothree-phase four-wiredistribution systems using adual control strategy. 3. The project was based onstudy and project work onBrushless DC motor SpeedCareer Episode 1: CE 1.2.3,CE 1.3.1 and CE 1.3.2Career Episode 2: CE 2.3.1and CE 2.3.3Career Episode 3: CE 3.2.1,CE 3.3.1 and CE 3.3.2
Control using Microcontroller. PE1.2 Conceptualunderstanding of themathematics, numericalanalysis, statistics, andcomputer andinformation scienceswhich underpin theengineering discipline.1. I had analyzed that theconstruction of series DCmotor contains of current thatcarries armature connected tosupply end throughoutcommutator and brushes.2. I have knowledge to analyzeload flow and continuationpower flow based methods,optimal power flow basedmethods, sensitivity basedmethods and dualcompensation principle.3. I had used of electroniccommutation for conductingthis project work. I had usedsome of the components forimplementing the project suchas BLDC motor, inverter,microcontroller and hallsensors.Career Episode 1: CE 1.3.1Career Episode 2: CE 2.3.2,CE 2.3.3 and CE 2.3.4Career Episode 3: CE 3.3.1PE1.3 In-depth1. I had supplied of directCareer Episode 1: CE 1.3.1
understanding ofspecialist bodies ofknowledge within theengineering disciplinecurrent within the armature,and then the mechanical forcesare acting on it because ofelectromagnetic effects of themagnet.2. I had conducted the study onUPQC by employing toimplement of dualcompensation strategy. Itconsisted of three-leg and four-leg PWM converter that sharesthe same DC link.3. I had used of differentcontrol measures for BLDCmotor. I had focused on two ofthe methods: sensor less aswell as sensor based control.Career Episode 2: CE 2.3.1,CE 2.3.4, CE 2.2.5 and CE2.4.2Career Episode 3: CE 3.3.1,CE 3.3.3PE1.4 Discernment ofknowledge developmentand research directionswithin the engineeringdiscipline1. I had involved in studyingthe principles of motor, backEMF and DC motor as a loadto conduct the project work. Ihad analyzed DC-DC converteroperation and switch modeCareer Episode 1: CE 1.2.5,CE 1.3.1 and CE 1.4.2

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