Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Assignment

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Task 1: Modification of initial Project PlanHistory of the ProjectThe project was planned for organizing the conference for three days. The conferencewill be national and also international. The assignment 1 prepared a project plan as initial. Theinitial plan Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) on assignment 1 was the development of websitefor conference. The website have the details of goal of the conference, registration details,conference topics details and venue to the conference, etc. Then the project milestones or theactivities were provided in detail. The durations of the milestones or activities were alsoprovided. The resources details were available on the assignment. The cost was allocated foreach resources. The risk management of the project is analyzed. The changes of the assignment 1plan ("Chapter 12. Providing Training and Technical Assistance | Section 5. Organizing aConference | Main Section | Community Tool Box", 2016)(Patel, 2008) is colored as belowTasks or activities of the projectThe activities of the project is mentioned below:Website Design for conferencePrint welcome packs and media comprising broachersReview the papers and select for conferenceOrganize the food arrangementsConduct 3 days conferencePrize distributionLighting ("How to organize a conference?", 2016)These tasks are performed for organize the conference. The resources ("Basic How-to createa schedule using MS Project", 2016). are allocated for this activitiesResource AllocationThe resources for organize the conference are as follows:Project ManagerStaffMarketing team1
The Project manager will take the responsibility of organizing the conference and conductingmeeting on every day. He will give the details of the work going on day-by-day. The Staff willreview the papers and select the papers for conference. The marketing team will organize allpurchasing requirementsCritical path managementThe scheduling of resources ("Coursera - Free Online Courses from Top Universities",2016). are managed. If allocate the tasks as repeated or collaborate with each other, it will affectthe project completion time. Nowadays more management tools are available to use for projectoffice. This project management tools are used for organizations to perform various operations.Here, MS project have the critical path tool to find the collaboration within resources. In thisproject, the resources are not allocate for more than one tasks at a time (Jordão & Sousa, 2010).The Tasks of the ProjectThe project tasks for organize the conference is as follows:TaskModeTask NameDurationStartFinishAutoScheduledWebsite Design for conference30 daysWed 10/5/16Tue 11/15/16AutoScheduledPrint welcome packs and mediacomprising brouchers7 daysWed11/16/16Thu 11/24/16AutoScheduledReview the papers and select forconference90 daysFri 11/25/16Thu 3/30/17AutoScheduledOrganize the food arrangements5 daysFri 3/31/17Thu 4/6/17AutoScheduledConduct 3 days conference3 daysFri 4/7/17Tue 4/11/17AutoScheduledPrize distribution1 dayWed 4/12/17Wed 4/12/17AutoScheduledLighting1 dayThu 4/13/17Thu 4/13/17The tasks were different from the assignment 1. These tasks are used to plan for organizethe conference as efficient. The project start date and the end date are calculated by using the MS2
project. The conference will be conduct on the date April 13, 2017 ("Microsoft Project 2007Tutorial", 2016).Resources Allocation for the ProjectResourceNameTypeMaterialLabelInitialsGroupMax.UnitsStd. RateOvt.RateCost/UseAccrueAtProjectManagerWorkP100%$50.00/hr$0.00/hr$0.00ProratedStaffWorkS100%$50.00/hr$0.00/hr$0.00ProratedMarkettingTeamMaterialPrintBrouchersM$20,000.00$0.00ProratedExternalStaffMaterialWebsiteDesignE$20,000.00$0.00ProratedConferenceRoomMaterialConferenceper dayC$5,000.00$0.00ProratedFood TeamMaterialFoodF$15,000.00$0.00ProratedMarkettingTeam2MaterialLightingM$9,500.00$0.00ProratedPurchaseTeamMaterialCash Prizefor WinnerP$5,000.00$0.00ProratedCost Estimation of the ProjectTaskModeTask NameDurationStartFinishPredecessorsResourceNamesCostAutoScheduledProject Plan137 daysWed10/5/16Thu4/13/17$120,500.00AutoScheduledWebsiteDesign forconference30 daysWed10/5/16Tue11/15/16ExternalStaff[1WebsiteDesign]$20,000.00AutoScheduledPrint welcomepacks and mediacomprisingbrouchers7 daysWed11/16/16Thu11/24/162MarkettingTeam[1PrintBrouchers]$20,000.00AutoScheduledReview thepapers andselect for90 daysFri11/25/16Thu3/30/173Staff$36,000.003
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