Launching a New Software in Market : Project

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INTRODUCTIONPlanning is one of the most important step for each and every project or activity whichshows clear path in order to achieve desired objectives and goals. In the present project, thescenario taken is “Launching a new software” in the market and in respective to this project tasksare determined. The study reflects about the SMART objectives which are used at the workplaceof the business organisation. Apart from this, major stages as well as the procedure of thesoftware launching are explained in proper and effectual manner. Further, several schedules ofthe project management are described which are such as network diagram, Gantt chart andcritical path. In addition to this, it shows risk management with the help of risk matrix whereprobability of occurring the risks in the project clearly shown. At the end of the report, problemsand causes of failure of the project like software launching are described.SMART targets in context to the workplace In the company or any workplace, objectives and targets must be clear and highlyappropriate by which management can meet with them effectually. Further, targets need to as perthe SMART which are stated below:S – Specific: In the present scenario, objective is specific because company is going tolaunch a software in the market. Along with this, it has target of increasing sales by 13%in the next year (Peng, Heim and Mallick, 2014).M – Measurable: If the firm able to meet with the above-mentioned target of generatingsales then objective can be measured easily and effectively.A – Attainable: The present target of goal is highly attainable by the company as well asoverall team members in appropriate direction. R – Realistic: The selected goal or objective is the highly realistic because themanagement and team members are willing to work upon it (Enyinda, 2017).T – Timely: Apart from such all, the time must be settled in effective ways and in thepresent scenario one year is targeted for enhancing sales by 13%.Project stages and procedureActivityTask namePreceding activityDuration of1

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