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Project Report On Template for Evidence Collection

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Added on  2020-01-16

Project Report On Template for Evidence Collection

   Added on 2020-01-16

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Template for evidence collection tobe attached with the report by thelearner:Project Logbook for the chosen organisation: Name of the learner: Name of the Supervisor: Project Title: “Implementing CSR activities within company with an aim to meet sustainable objectives”Date: Update of weekly research/ tasks achieved (Account for a minimum of six weeks with dates)What have you completed?Did you fulfil Task requirements?Are you on track and within deadlines set?Did you need to make any changes to your project management plan?CommentsThe topic for which research was conducted is effectively fulfilledAll the requirements as perthe task are completed.Yes, all the tracking were done as per the deadlines which were set by me.There are no as such changes made in the management plan.Any risks and / or issues identified?Did you identify risks/issues with a lack of skills required for undertaking research tasks?Did you identify any additional risks/issues that have an impact on the projectmanagement plan? At the initial stage I was facing issues in order to select the appropriate toolsin order to conducted the research but with help from friends I was able to overcome them.One of the main risk that I identified was in relation with completing the activities within time. It was done by me by proper management of time. Problems encounteredWhat barriers did you face?How did you overcome them?Barrier that I faced was collecting information from respondents. I have to explain about the main cause for conducting the
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research as they were not provide adequate answers. In order to overcome the problem I have to personally interact with each respondent and explain them the reason for conducting the research. New Ideas and change of project directionMy research skills were noteffective. i was facing issues in understanding the topic and searching forappropriate information. However, with time I was able to develop them. What Have I learnt about myself this week?How did I feel when I had to deal with tasks/problems?Did I find it useful to complete the tasks?How well have I performed? What did I contribute? What can I improve on next week?How might this learning applyin the future? I felt annoyed at the initial stage but then I got understand that it is helpful to develop my understanding.I found useful to complete the task.I was able to contribute effectively for completion of project.I can made improvement by focusing on by research skills.This learning will enable me to conduct the study effectively and efficiency. Tasks planned for next weekWhich tasks are priority?Have you set aside sufficient time for completion? Main priority were to complete the management plan.Yes sufficient type was given.Project plan status to date (on, ahead, behind)On the given data the project was completedSupervisor comments to addressSignature of the Supervisor and date:
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