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Project Report on Tour Packages

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Added on  2020-02-12

Project Report on Tour Packages

   Added on 2020-02-12

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INTRODUCTIONDecision plays an important role in enhancing overall skills and the capabilities of anindividual in order to achieve desired aims and the objectives within a given period. This projectreport is all about considering each and every features of the tour packages in order to satisfy allthe needs and higher expectations of various customers in order to retain all of them within thesame business for long period in the same business. This project is al about creating data analysisplan of collecting data and facts using two important methods such as primary and secondary.Questionnaires is prepared to take the consent of all the visitors who intends to launch a new tourpackage according to the tastes and preferences of various consumers located at the externalmarket. It includes various statistical tools such as mean, median, mode, standard deviation,range and internal quartile range to test the feasibility of the collected data. The data will bepresented using graphs, bar charts and pic chart and tend line is used to predict the futureperformance of an entity. Information processing tools are used to supply information from oneend to another and project tenure will be determined by preparing appropriate project plan andfeasibility will be checked through the application of various capital budgeting technique NPVand IRR.TASK 11.1 Identify sources of primary and secondary sources of dataCollection of data is regarded as one of the important approach in the research study asthis is act like an important pillar without which the building of research is not possible as anindividual starts research but will not conclude their overall research in the best possible manner.There are two important sources of collection of data choose by an individual in order to collectreliable amount of data in order to achieve all the desired aims and the objectives in a givenperiod to accomplish al desired aims and the objectives (Golbraikh and, 2014). There aretwo methods used in the overall research is given as below:Data will be collected by a researcher about the details of al the visitors in knowing theirtastes and preferences about a particular destination. Destinations preferences of all the customeris essential to be determine as this help an entity owner in customizing tour packages accordingtheir wants.1
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Primary research- In this kind of research data will be collected from its designated source byan individual in order to support the research study in completing them in a given period for thebeneficial of the business entity. Questionnaires are used by an entity in order to take the consentof all individuals in accomplishing all the goals and the objectives.Secondary research- In this kind of approach external market sources will be accessed in orderto collect important data about the customer's tastes and preferences, market trends as major aimof an entity is accomplished all goals and the objectives of the business in order to complete theresearch. Travel magazines will be used as one of the external source in which details about thetravel and tourism industry will be identified. Census data will be assessed in identifying heincome patterns of all the customers in order to design prices for various tour packages.1.2 Present survey methodologyMethodologies play a significant role in a particular survey in which desired aim of thebusiness to provide right direction to the overall business (Haq, Brown and Moltchanova, 2014).The survey conducted by the researcher will emphasize on considering all the facts and figuresimportant for concluding the research for the betterment of the firm.Sampling used by an entity will help an individual in order to collect important facts andfigures in achieving all the goals and the objectives within a given period. Sample of 90respondents will be selected by a researcher in order to take the answers of various respondentson the viability of different tour destinations to be included in a variety of tour packagesdesigned by an entity.Random sampling used by an individual in which data will be collected randomly as inthis stage every samples got equal chance of selection in contributing towards the conclusion ofoverall research.1.3 Design questionnaireQuestionnaireName _______________GenderMale2
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FemaleTransgenderQue. 1. How old are you?20-30 years old30-40 years old40-60 years old60 years and aboveQue. 2: What is your experience with the travel and tour operator while you book your tickets?GoodFairVery GoodAwesomeQue. 3: What is the frequency of your travel booking?MonthlyQuarterlyHalf yearlyYearlySometimesQue. 4: You will buy a tour package or product for destination A such as Morocco in furtheryears ?Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgree3
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Strongly agreeQue. 5. How much you are going to pay for tour package or product for every person or travelerfor the destination A like as Morocco ?£500- £1000£1000-£1500£1500-£2000Que. 6. I will buy a tour package or product for destination B such as Turkey in upcoming yearsStrongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agreeQue. 7: How much you will spend on the ravel package for the destination B like as Turkey ?£600 but less than 625£625 but less than 650£650 but less than 675Que. 8: Do you purchase tour package for the famous destination like Cuba in future?Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agreeQue. 9. How much do you pay for booking ravel package for the destination like Cuba? £800 but less than 8254
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