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Automated syncing of ebooks between desktop computer and mobile phone

Added on -2019-09-16

The user is an avid reader and has a huge collection of ebooks in the form of PDF (Portable Document Format), epub and mobi format files. These files are stored on his desktop computer in a folder categorized into various sub-folders e.g. History, Fiction, Psychology etc. The user also owns a smartphone and often reads ebooks on it, when reading on a desktop computer is not possible or desired. He maintains two copies of the folder containing the ebooks - one on his desktop machine and one in the mobile, so that he can access any book he feels like reading on the device available.
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Project ReportSynopsis:imagine someone who needs computer support and solve their problem.Identify someone who is having a problem with technology. The problem should not be simple or simplistic in nature. While you may choose who to help and the problem to solve, the problem needs to be of sufficient depth for a IT graduate student.After you have solved the problem, complete the followingtable which will clearly, completely, and accurately describe the problem and the solution you discovered. Ensure the user understands what the problem was and how you solved it. Include the user’s (the person you helped) name and email address within the document.Project Report
Project ReportAssigned To:Assigned Date: Monday, September 16, 2019Project Contact:(Name and Email address)Date Started:Date Completed:Monday, September 16, 2019Monday, September 16, 2019Project Title:Automated syncing of ebooks between desktop computer and mobile phoneProject Report

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