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Going for further education is a crucial key in getting closer to your dreams
and completing degree is the way to assure a successful career in the
society .This is what I have come to believe.
After working for many years in a field that did not interest me I came to
believe that interest is built from passion for something. I am passionate in
pursuing a degree in mental health nursing and to know more about adult
nursing in your esteemed institution .My interest developed after getting an
opportunity to work as Health care assistant for Brookdale in Bedford .This
has really reinforced and solidify my interest in a Nursing career.
Moreover have made some progress in the same field as I just finished my
Nursing course at Bedford college .I also have level 2 functional skills in
Mathematics and English which helps me to get a better understanding of
this course .I have also acquired knowledge and skills on care of patients
with different disease conditions, how the body functions physiologically and
how to intervene whenever there is a problem with any system .My focus
now is on mental health especially in adults.
According to (Townsend, M.C. and Morgan, 2017) it is shown that the human body
has the external anatomy and functioning physiology but there is an internal
cognitive mind. The mind does control thought, socialization and reason. The
focal shift to understand the mind has taken the initiative of many and this is
where my passion is driven towards.

In addition to the basis of the human make up, the personality and identity
counts. Everybody does stand with a specific personality composition and
thought processes. On most occasions, these specifics are imperfect hence
the emergence of personality disorders, depressive conditions and
psychiatric ailments (Stuart, G.W., 2014. Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing-E-
Book. ).
Attention Deficit Hypersensitivity Disorder (ADHD), Bipolar disorder and
Schizophrenia are some of the known and understood disorders. The
diagnostic and management process of these conditions take patience and
understanding which do stand as my personal strengths. A nursing care plan
coupled with a deep insight on mental health would really promote my
dexterity and service in this field that I do have passion in.
Adults are faced by many challenges especially financial and family issues
that end up triggering major depression disorders .Sir Isaac Newton, a known
physicist had a depressive disorder courtesy of work pressure and more of
this happens to the general population. My focus is to develop knowledge
and skills in order to help reduce occurrence of these conditions and I am
confident that further training in this field will equip me with the adequate
skills to project and manage these conditions .I believe your institution can
offer the best as I have seen from my research.
As indicated in (Maslach, C. and Leiter, M.P., 2016. Understanding World Psychiatry, 15(2),
pp.103-111) health conditions have taken the rising trend in the ever dynamic
social environment .Given a chance in your institution I would like to improve

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