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PSYCHOLOGY2Introduction.The purpose of this research report is to critically analyze the psychological model. The rationalefor a psychological model is based on understanding the human behavior, exploring people’svalues and perspectives along with the process of broadening their career and horizons of life. Tostart with, it is very important to have a clear and distinct understanding of a psychologicalmodel. A psychological model is a theory that is applied in psychology so as to offer predictionson specific results as well as explanation of specific psychological processes under consideration(Brandmaier & Linderberger, 2013). Again, the psychological model is applied to evaluate theindividual performance via use of response as well as cognitive characteristics. Finally,psychological model has been applied in the design in the layout of different instruments anddesigning different psychological experiment (Bandura, 2006). There are different types ofpsychological models that are well established as different theories of psychotherapy. Theyinclude psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies, behavior therapy, cognitive therapy,humanistic therapy and integrative or holistic therapy (William, 2007). If a statistical analysis isconducted on the most widely applied Psychological model, then it is determined that thebehavior therapy psychological model will be selected among the models. This implies that themodel to be considered in this report will be behavior therapy model (Wilding, 2015). Ahypothesis is conducted as follow.Hypothesis.Statistically, a hypothesis is an assertion that has not been proved (Haidt, 2006). This could beeither a null hypothesis or alternative hypothesis. Null hypothesis tests a positive assertion whilealternative hypothesis tests negative assertions.Null hypothesis.It is denoted as H0 in statistics. HO: Behavior therapy psychological model is applicable indetermining the data for designing a psychological experiment.Alternative hypothesis.It is denoted as H1 in statistics. H1: Behavior therapy psychological model is not applicable indetermining the data for designing a psychological experiment.
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