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Running head: PUBLIC HEALTHPublic HealthName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
2PUBLIC HEALTHPart1BOOKSCorrigan, P.W., Torres, A., Lara, J.L., Sheehan, L. and Larson, J.E., 2017. The healthcareneeds of Latinos with serious mental illness and the potential of peernavigators.Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health ServicesResearch,44(4), pp.547-557.This book mainly talks about the usefulness of person-centered treatment for the mentallyill patients. It talks about the harshness through which the patients with mental illness often haveto pass during the period of their mental illness. As soon as they are diagnosed with any mentaldisorder they are often stigmatized in their society. Society and even the doctors often declarethem incompetent and start treating them with cruelty and a cold attitude. This book mainlyfocuses on the usefulness of person-centered care. In other words, the patients suffering fromchronic mental disorder need care and emotional support and not only medical support. Doctorsand the other health care staffs must know that just prescribing the patients with medicines mustnot be the main goal of their treatment rather they must make the patient conformable withinterpersonal skills(Widhalm and Prager 2014).Doctors must put forward their efforts to makethe patients self-determined and self-confident. They must give positive hopes to the patients sothat they never feel depressed and never give up.Widhalm, K. and Prager, G. eds., 2014.Morbid Obesity in Adolescents: ConservativeTreatment and Surgical Approaches. Springer.This book mainly aims at dealing with the concept of morbid obesity that is one of thecommon problems in most of the adolescents today. The only possible treatment that is
3PUBLIC HEALTHsuggested by the Doctors is surgery. However, no long-term cure and the postoperative therapieshave been established. Another important aspect that the doctors have to focus upon is thepsychological effect that the patients often have to suffer through. The doctors must make surethat none of their actions are hurting the emotions of the patients. There has to be themultidisciplinary approach in order to treat the obesity. The book mainly deals with the analysisof the obesity-related diseases are along with the kind of psychological effect this might have onthe patients.JOURNAL ARTICLESRosenbaum, N., Tinney, D.M. and Tohen, M., 2017. Collaboration to Reduce Tragedy andImprove Outcomes: Law Enforcement, Psychiatry, and People Living With MentalIllness.American Journal of Psychiatry,174(6), pp.513-517.The main attempt of this journal was to show that patients with acute mental illness canbe cured with proper care and support. Emotional support is often much more helpful than thesupport rendered by medicines. This idea was conveyed through the example of a homeless mancalled by the name the street corner saint(Rosenbaumet al2017). Initially, he was thought to bedangerous for kids and was arrested by police but was found incompetent to respond to the trial.He started responding to the treatment when the police forces and the psychiatrists provided himhelp and emotional support.Anestis, M.D., Anestis, J.C., Zawilinski, L.L., Hopkins, T.A. and Lilienfeld, S.O., 2014.Equinerelated treatments for mental disorders lack empirical support: A systematicreview of empirical investigations.Journal of clinical psychology,70(12), pp.1115-1132.
4PUBLIC HEALTHThis journal mainly talks about the new kind of treatment that can be used to treat somemental disorders including autism (Brooket al2015). This treatment mainly involves theinteractions between the patients and the horses. However, this method of treatment is notpopularized yet as there is not much evidence supporting the usefulness of this treatmentprocedure(Anestiet al2014).Gordon, M., Baker, P., Catchpole, K., Darbyshire, D. and Schocken, D., 2015. Devising aconsensus definition and framework for non-technical skills in healthcare to supporteducational design: A modified Delphi study.Medical teacher,37(6), pp.572-577.This journal talks about the usefulness of nontechnical skills in health care system.Nontechnical skills are the interpersonal skills that are very much essential and must be used bythe doctors, nurses and the other healthcare staffs. The nontechnical skills are the skills ofleadership, understanding, and mutual respect. Communication is a very important skill that mustbe developed and maintained by all the healthcare staffs so that they can communicate with thepatients and develop a feeling of trust and respect for a long-term basis(Gordonet al2015).Poku, M.K., Behkami, N.A. and Bates, D.W., 2017. Patient Relationship Management:What the US Healthcare System Can Learn from Other Industries.Journal of generalinternal medicine,32(1), pp.101-104.This journal mainly emphasizes on the fact that one of essential steps that must befollowed by the doctors in the treatment procedure is maintaining a good relationship with thepatients. The doctors must know and use their interpersonal skills in such a way so that they canmake their patients comfortable with them and can win over their trust in the long run(Pokuet
5PUBLIC HEALTHal2017). The healthcare staffs must start using the PRM tool or the patient relationshipmanagement tool as an important aspect of their treatment processes.Fani, L., Bak, S., Delhanty, P., Van Rossum, E.F.C. and Van Den Akker, E.L.T., 2014. Themelanocortin-4 receptor as a target for obesity treatment: a systematic review of emergingpharmacological therapeutic options.International journal of obesity,38(2), pp.163-169.This journal emphasizes the fact that obesity is the greatest health challenge that peopleare facing in the 21stcentury. Often the treatment is also not very effective because the treatmentis very effective because regulating and maintain the body weight is a very complicated process.There are not much pharmacological obesity treatment options. One of the acute obesitydisorders is the deficiency of the MC4R. Patients suffering from this condition often find itdifficult to respond to any kind of treatment(Faniet al2014). Hence, efforts are to be made tofind out more and advanced treatment procedures for this condition.WEBSITESNice.org.uk. 2017.Obesity prevention | Guidance and guidelines | NICE. [online] Availableat: https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/cg43/chapter/1-guidance [Accessed 14 Nov. 2017].In order to treat obesity people can also try out some natural methods as well. Beforeapproaching any clinic for help they can try out home remedies; like undertaking some physicalexercises and some that can act as fat cutters(Dr. Axe 2017). For instance, they can have highfiber food, lean proteins, coconut, green coffee extracts. They must start avoiding oily food andrestore to the consumption of healthy food.
6PUBLIC HEALTHRosario, C. 2017.What's The Best Way To Treat Obesity? New Guidelines Show The Way ToLose Weight. [online] Medical Daily. Available at: http://www.medicaldaily.com/whats-best-way-treat-obesity-new-guidelines-show-way-lose-weight-263035 [Accessed 13 Nov.2017].The first approach to the patients suffering from obesity must be treating obesity as adisease. Though obesity itself is not a life taking disease it can cause much another chronicdisease like high blood pressure and hypertension that can slowly become very much harmful.Hence, the first important steps that the patients must take are to undertake exercise and starteating a healthy diet(Rosario 2017).ELECTRONIC DATABASESUlijaszek, S.J. and McLennan, A.K., 2016. Framing obesity in UK policy from the Blairyears, 1997–2015: the persistence of individualistic approaches despite overwhelmingevidence of societal and economic factors, and the need for collective responsibility.ObesityReviews,17(5), pp.397-411.This database mainly talks about how society often stigmatizes the mentally disabledpeople. As soon as someone is diagnosed with mental illness it greatly affects his social relationsbecause society starts treating him as someone different from the normal group of people andoften abandons him(Ulijaszek and McLennan 2016).This greatly affects the mentally ill patientand he loses his self-confidence. It must be the duty of the society to render emotional support tothe patient and help him to restore normalcy rather than marginalizing him.
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