Public Health Assignment New Zealand

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1PUBLIC HEALTH1.The New Zealand Defense Force (NZDF) announced the bid to become smoke free by2020. The aimed to do this by reducing rate of defense personnel from 12% to 5%. Theban on sale of cigarette and making houses smoke free will improve the quality of life ofthe wider defense community1. This change can be regarded as a standalone healthpromoting intervention because its focuses mainly on reducing the rate of smoking andthe objective is not dependent on combination of other interventions. It had standaloneobjective of banning the sale of cigarette and no other health promotion activities likemass advertising campaigns, peer education program, health warning or marketingrestrictions on tobacco products. 2.The change can be framed as a systems approach to health promotion if it had includedother complex system too to achieve the smoke free objective. This means focusing ontaxation of tobacco products, controlling the sale of such products, educating the publicabout risk of smoking, adequately displaying health warning on cigarettes and conductingmotivational interviewing. This might have ensured that all the complex system involvedin promoting smoking is covered as part of health promotion activities2. Overall, thesystems approach to health promotion would be more effective in bringing the change. 3.The change that NZDF has proposed is not relevant to the systems approach of healthpromotion because it did not focused on transforming the complex system that isinvolved in selling and buying tobacco product. The focus was just on banning the sale of1'About good health' - Defence Force to stamp out smoking on bases by 2020. (2017). 1 NEWS NOW. Retrieved 28August 2017, from Golechha, Mahaveer. "Health promotion methods for smoking prevention and cessation: Acomprehensive review of effectiveness and the way forward."International journal of preventivemedicine7 (2016).

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