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Running head: Public Relation CampaignPublic Relation Campaign

Public Relation Campaign2Background of Topic “Mums Run” is today’s fastest growing women’s running community which is open for allwomen regardless age, size, shape, ability and experience. Today women especially need to care themselves the most which most of them are not doing. Mel Bound in 2014posted a message that she was going to start running exercise tomorrow and if anyone interested to join her, could come up. It received 75 women who were ready to run with her. This gave Mel idea about this “Women health” program called “Mum Run”. Today it took a shape of small non-profit organization with 17500 mums alongside 250 volunteers called “Run Angles” to conduct running for women almost 300 times monthly in 27 locations across London. The organization has also providing training to run at least 30-60 minutes by UK athletes. The organization campaign is getting good responses as many women after graduating from the running program are continuing running exercise for keeping health well.The organization is working on an important cause that is “Women Health” which has been ignored by men and women themselves. On managing family, somewhere the women forgot to take care of them and were facing diseases. Now, women are becoming independent and competing in almost every area of work whether business, civil services and even in defence.

Public Relation Campaign3Mel Bound found that this campaign should grow more and more women need to be associated with this program. This can only be possible if she could spread message or communicate those women who has no idea or not opted for this program. The Mum Run (TMR) wants to start a Public Relation (PR) campaign to spread benefits of this over a period of 6 months. Here we are going to focus on this campaign planningand success which will fulfil the aim of generating fund for this campaign and also bring more trainers and volunteers (Run Angles and Makers) so that more women will join this program. Proposal Name- Run mum Run....Aim- generate fund and recruit personnel for Mums Run CampaignEnvironmental Analysis and Communication Context The Mum Run is a non-profit organization which is working for women in UK to spread message of run daily and make yourself fit and healthy. This organization has come with completely new concept. The concept was not also well planned and executed action as it all came accidentally and become successful. Thus women who are actuallythe centre of this organization and its campaign are showing interest of the concept.Organization activity and its relevance today Women since civilization process started has been considered to manage house hold only. Slowly this concept got changed and women started entering in those works where only men used to work. Women started managing corporate sectors, government, educational organization and many more activities. They have been

Public Relation Campaign4managing work and home transition so overall women become very much busy in managing multi-tasking jobs at home and outside. This after certain period of time startsaffecting health of them especially after marriage. It is rare to see women doing exercise. This is the reason they suffer diseases easily as compared to men.[Kotler, P. (1979).]The founder felt this reason and started this initiative. The success of organization lies with the interest and participation of women. It seems like the environment for this organization is favourable. Here are the reasons of favourable environment-The concept of stay fit and healthy is popular among women these days.They need motivation for exercise and this organization provides motivation like Fight against any disease.Women when alone feel hesitant and uncomfortable to do exercise like running dueto social cause but when they are in group fear goes down and this they get from organization.Women want to know a proper way of staying fit and healthy which this organizationprovides via its program.The public awareness of women health and safety across the world is creating favourable condition of growth. Support from Government and community The organization is getting enough support from community people and government. In past, we witnessed that the organization is able to collect £ 110,000 amount within 3 weeks of time. It also managed to generate revenue of £20K per month from selling of

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