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1Public SpeakingIntroductionOne of my friends was traveling from Birmingham to Montgomery. He was driving the car, and there were four friends in the car. In the midway somewhere he got a call on his cell phone. He picked up the call and within a fraction of second the car struck with another car. All the friends were lucky enough because all of them had minor injuries except the driver. The driver or my friend suffered major injuries and spent almost a month in the hospital before discharge from the hospital. That accident took place only because of distraction by the cell phone.Every year thousands of such accident occurred and hundreds of lives have been lost. Using cell phone is one of the major concerns and issues (Strayer et al., 2003). Therefore, usage of cell phones while driving should be banned, and it is the duty of every citizen to support the ban on a cell phone while driving. The government should formulate laws or legislation against the use of cell phone while driving. Body of the SpeechThe cell phone has become one of the necessities of our day to day life. Not a single person can depart from home without the cell phone. Almost every individual uses a cell phone every time

2Public Speakingeven in the home. A cell phone is one of the best ways to communicate with the family members,friends, and relatives. The use of cell phone is also increasing day by day. Initially, the main function of a cell phone was to communicate, but nowadays it is used for various purposes such as entertainment. A cell phone is also being used for navigation while driving to an unknown place (Goggin, 2012). But the usage of a cell phone while driving is as dangerous as drink and drive. Both the terms are being compared with each other due to the danger associated with both the terms. Drink & drive is banned in almost every nation, and there is a penalty if anyone is found drunk while driving. But usage of cell phone while driving is still out of legislation. Not a single country has formulated laws and legislation against the usage of a cell phone while driving.The cell phone distracts the driver from their main task to something else, and due to this, every accident takes place. The cell phone can distract the drivers visually, cognitively, manually, and auditory (Kahn et al., 2015). A survey revealed that almost 660000 drivers use a cell phone whiledriving. It is quite a big number and major concern for the society. The same survey revealed that more than 330000 accidents take place every year due to the use of cell phone while driving.

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