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Running head: OBESITYEffects of ObesityName of the studentName of the UniversityAuthor’s note
OBESITY1The example of a disease that has recently affected the human in this era is obesity. On thesurface of the main cause, the disease is the consumption of calories and less burning of energyas recently most of the people are lacking physical activity. Thus energy imbalances cause moreof body mass and lead to obesity (van Rossum, 2017). The energy imbalance occurs when theenergy input is not equal to the output energy. Thus recently most of the developed countriesdue to lack of exercise and more consumption of unhealthy and high-calorie food cause increasein fat tissue and obesity. A wide spectrum of fatal diseases like type 2 diabetes, hormonalimbalance, and even cancer are linked to obesity and increased body mass index.The symptomsThe symptoms include the increased weight. The loss of body fat gets difficult. Obesity linksdirectly to increase in a level of HDL and cholesterol in the blood that often leads to stroke. Theother symptoms include depression, diabetes, liver disease, osteoarthritis. The person often facesbreathing disorders, sleep apnea, obstructive disease. The people also face high blood pressure,high cholesterol levels, joint pain and other medical complications related to psychosocialproblems (Khalife et al, 2014). The major biological reasons for the outcomeIt is already stated that obesity is the common disorder in industrial and developed societies.There are biological conditions that result in the combination of obesity. The biological factorsare stimulated with environmental factors that likely cause the increase in weight. The biologicalfactors are related to genetics, biochemistry, neuroanatomy. The impact is the early life growthof adipose tissue and the endocrine interactions followed with appetite regulation (Ochne et al,2015). Genetics is the main reason behind the strong effect of obesity. It is already found that theobese parents have more likely obese offspring. The genes work when the environmental factors

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