Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods Assignment

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StatisticsStudent name:UniversityLecturer name:25thOctober 2017
(i)Discuss at least four (4) clear differences between qualitative and quantitativemethods. Provide sufficient and relevant examplesSolutionQualitative research method is a technique of inquiry that develops understandingon human and social sciences, to find the way people think and feel. On the otherhand, a quantitative research method is a scientific and empirical research methodthat is used to generate numerical data, by employing statistical, logical andmathematical technique.Qualitative research method follows a subjective approach as the researcher isintimately involved, whereas the approach of quantitative research method isobjective, as the researcher is uninvolved and attempts to precise the observationsand analysis on the topic to answer the inquiry.Qualitative research method is based on purposive sampling, where a smallsample size is selected with a view to get a thoroughunderstanding of the targetconcept. Quantitative research method on the other hand relies on randomsampling; wherein a large representative sample is chosen in order to extrapolatethe results to the whole population.The hypothesis is generated in qualitative research by inductive reasoning.Inductive reasoning refers to a logical process where multiple premises that arebelieved to be true or are rather found to be true most of the time, are combined toobtain a specific conclusion.On the contrary, the hypothesis is tested bydeductive research in quantitative reasoning. In adeductive reasoning, thegeneral premises or statements are used to form a specific conclusion.
Qualitative Research is conducted with the aim of exploring and discovering ideasused in the ongoing processes. As opposedto quantitative research the purpose isto examine cause and effect relationship between variables.(ii)Classify and analyze the data above using quantitative methods correctly. Showclearly the raw result of the data analysis in the appendix of the assignment.SolutionThe above graphs represent the histograms for the age, weight and CGPA. As can be seen, thegraphs shows that the data are not normally distributed for all the three variables.
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