Recruitment Process.


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Recruitment Process

Human resource management is the sum of those practices which are used by the
business in order to employ controlling and management measures so as to manage all the
employees within organisation. Human resource department is highly responsible for making
plans and properly implementing them in order to achieve business objectives in desirable
manner. On the other hand this department is having major role to recruit those candidate which
are having appropriate skills so as to make the company more inclined towards business goals
and objectives. This report is made in order to understand all these concepts of recruitment and
selection and the company taken for this is Tesco (Obeidat, 2016). Tesco is one of the largest
retailers in UK and the company is dealing in clothing, books, toys and financial services. They
are having more than 45000 employees within their global level operations in 13 countries. This
report includes description of HRM functions and strengths and weaknesses of recruitment and
selection approaches. Along with this the report includes advantages of human resource practices
in business with employee relationship significance. Within the last part of report application of
HRM practices are includes which are helpful for the business to have effective flow of
information and creating path to attain business goals in considerable manner.
P1. Purpose and function of HRM
Human resource management is the process in which various dimensions are included such as
recruitment, selection, induction, orientation, training and development within a business
organisation. Human resource department is having major role to manage workforce in such a
way that maximum output can be taken out from them which could be helpful in goals
accomplishment. Tesco is a supermarket chain which is having their operation around the globe
and dealing in supermarket chains. In order to manage these operations in effective manner the
human resource is working with another department so as to ensure that customer are highly
satisfied with the product and services of the company. HR manager of Tesco is required to work
upon several functions so as to manage whole workforce in desirable manner (Bratton and Gold,
2017). These functions are enumerated as under:

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