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Reflection on Business Communication: Assignment

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Added on  2020-05-08

Reflection on Business Communication: Assignment

   Added on 2020-05-08

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Running head: REFLCTION ON BUSINESS COMMUNICTIONREFLCTION ON BUSINESS COMMUNICTIONName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
Reflection on Business Communication: Assignment_1
1REFLCTION ON BUSINESS COMMUNICTIONReflection is a powerful tool for any individual studying or working in the professional domainsof business and management. Both learning form direct experiences coupled with effectivereflection on the experiences is found to be extremely helpful in synthesizing, developingabstract as well as articulating the key lessons taught by experience (Kassem et al., 2017).Reflecting on the topics learnt in classes makes the experiences more productive. Reflectionhelps to build one’s own confidence in his ability to achieve goals like in self efficacy. This inturn is seen to translate into higher rates of learning (McDonald, Steen & Shazi, 2016). Thefollowing assignment will therefore portray light on the experiences that I have garnered duringmy placement months and will help me realize my weakness. Accordingly strategies would bedeveloped by me who would help me to overcome my weakness and thereby enable my businesscommunication skills effectively to achieve success.This paragraph would first portray some of the experiences which I have gone through duringmy internship phase. This will reflect the weakness I have encountered in my communication.While I was placed in Xyz firm as intern, I faced severe issues in communication. I was placedinto a group of 8 individuals where the task was given by our intern. We were supposed to dividethe task according to our strength so that the ultimate production of the team can be achieved.After assigning of the task, I was unable to understand what the mentor had assigned to me.However, my introvert nature did not allow me to ask for help from the mentor or from myfriends. As a result the work outcome that was achieved did not meet the mentor’s expectationand was criticized. In another instance, I was assigned a task to a group of two members forcompleting a task in a competition. Due to poor performance of my teammate, we lost. I couldnot control my anger and disappointment and shouted on him in spite of him telling the fact thathe is not adapted to the subject of the competition. This lack of self control resulted in a feud
Reflection on Business Communication: Assignment_2
2REFLCTION ON BUSINESS COMMUNICTIONbetween us for which our team members were affected. I did not try to relieve him from his lossor did not encourage him or try to develop him. Instead I stopped talking to him which hurt hisego. Moreover I also suffer from a lack of motivation when there is a need for multitasking. Itend to become pessimist in nature. When a new project was asked my mentor to be completedwithin only a week, I got pessimistic and stated that it can never be completed within such ashort time instead of trying innovative strategies to achieve them. Such a tone of me also affectedmy team members’ morale and they also felt in similar ways. As a result our mentor criticized ofthis unenthusiastic spirit. Moreover, once I was absent and therefore the next day, my team matescame to me to help me understand all the tasks and important lectures that I had missed.However, my impatient listening skills made me cut them in between their conversations and Istated that I have already understood them. Later when I was performing the task I faceddifficulty as I did not hear them properly. Therefore I had to suffer due to my impatient listeningskills.From the entire experience, I noticed that I have mainly two issues which if not handled withcare may result in negative effects in my future professional life. The first issue is my introvertnature which is an important aspect of emotional intelligence. Moreover I also fail miserably tocontrol myself when I am upset or disappointed which affects my relationship with them. Selfregulation is an important aspect of emotional intelligence. Self control and open mindedness isextremely important for establishing proper workplace environment and developing strong bondsamong the team members (Mohavedi et al., 2016). Often adverse or critical situation may arisewhich might make the situations strenuous and may create rifts. Developing the skill of selfcontrol helps to overcome the strenuous situations and in turn helps to develop trustworthiness.Moreover an individual who is open minded and transparent and do not have introvert behaviour
Reflection on Business Communication: Assignment_3

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