Reflection on Physical Health Impact on Mental Health


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Reflection on physical health has an impact on mental healthusing Gibbsreflective cycle:DescriptionUsing my questionnaire, I interviewed several patients on their preferences and such based onthe preapproved questionnaire, which I used to understand the relations between the patient'shealth on both physical and mental conditions. This process was very unnerving as many ofthe patients were extremely distressed and prone to volatile behaviour, which makes this animportant part of the reflection. While some of the patients refused to answer the questions,there were many who agreed to answer the questions. This was one of the most importantparts of the people who were seemingly so normal would react in a manner that wouldsurprise me during the interview. FeelingsThe behaviour of the patients unsettled me as well as concerned me about their reactionswhich might be negative and even frantic because of their condition. There was also a rapidshift of mood, which also concerned me because of the physical danger their volatile actionsmight cause. As they were prone to injuring themselves or other bystanders, I was verycautious. Their concerns were very repetitive which also unsettled me and I was veryannoyed with him despite the fact that I knew of their psychological condition. Evaluation From the actions of the MDTs, it was clear that they were very much involved in thewellbeing of the patient and his concerns. Asking him how he was dealing withthe paranoiaschizophrenia furthermore offered Martin a enhanced neglect of his whole life plus what hewould be capable to get if heconcentrated on attempting to arrange meals. The analystencouraged Martin to talk about his emotionsexplicitly, which was evident in his responsesto the questions and his reaction to my questions. This was a definite sign of improvement asthe patient was coherent and the activities he participated in did not cause any paranoia in hisduring any questionnaire. Conclusion The majorfunction ofthe professional psychotherapist is assisting persons with theirdailyactivities to encourage as well as uphold their sovereignty moreoverdecrease the threatofdeterioration (Smith, 2002). The profession therapist conducted and controlled Martin withhis cooking which offeredthem an opportunity to tie and converse, whilst planning their
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