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Reflection Paper
Most people today are turning to technology as it constantly expanding. As technology and the need to
access to the internet is very important in nearly everyone’ life. Being a nerd in web designing in a
popular career choice. The reasons I feel am best fit for this career include: web designing is an
exciting activity, web designing is growing constantly, I have skills and knowledge in HTML, CSS,
JavaScript and can work efficiently with PhotoShop . Web designers have become popular in the recent
years. The popularity has come with competition among all the web designers. Throughout my course
in college, I have learnt that technology will keep on evolving. One will only become competitive when
they keep learning more about their field of expertise.
As a web designer, I have a acquired a number of skills that are very helpful in the current market
today. My skills include programming languages in HTML, CSS and JavaScript for rapid prototyping.
I also have experience in Graphic design using tools such as adobe photo-shop , adobe illustrator and
GIMP. In the course studied, I have learn how to design web pages with different appealing user
interfaces. I have a good sense of design. I understand most design element such as typeset, images ,
layout principle and form design layouts. I am good in UX design. Through repeated testing, a
website’s design is improves to enhance the user experience. Today, there is the necessity of creating
responsive design. I have skill on using bootstrap so that the website can be responsive on all devices. I
have created a personal website that displays my skills. My website, was the first website to create and
this motivated me to develop two more website who links are indicate on my website. With these skills
and experience, I can design a good looking website that is responsive on all devices.
Personal Statement
The period of learning web designing has been so exciting. I loved the opportunity of studying Web
Design. I am a self confessed geek and all my passion is in web designing. I feel that web design has
complemented my degree. I look forward to developing great UX designs that will be used by most
people in 2 years time. I will continue to improve my knowledge in web design in the new technologies
that emerge.
As a web designer I can rate may skills as a web designer to 90 % so far. There is still more to learn in
web designing and technology is growing rapidly.
I selected to be a web designer with the highlighted skill since I was passionate about the user
interfaces in most application. The user interfaces of most projects define how easy to use. As a
designer I had to understand the HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Learning to work with photo-shop I
focus on branding , color palettes, imagery, feel and user experience. The main area I have concentrated
in is the front-end web developer to implement a design. The basic work of a front-end developer is to
display and navigate.
Before designing any web page there are factors that I always take in consideration. They include:
What is the functionality I need to achieve?, How do I need a website to grow?, Is the website editable?
,What is the website visitor expected to see. As web designer it is also important to define the design

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