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Job experience may be considered

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Added on  2022-09-11

Job experience may be considered

   Added on 2022-09-11

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Running head: REFLECTION
Job experience may be considered to be one of the most beautiful ways of learning as the
process of such experience may enable an individual to apply what he or she had learned during
the course of his or her graduate studies in a practical and real-world scenario (Pruzan, Pruzan-
Mikkelsen, Miller & Miller, 2017). The paper is a kind of self reflection of the researcher in
which he has described the experience he had acquired during his internship.
I was working as an intern with American Medical Response where my role was of a
junior accountant. My job responsibilities included preparation of daily books of accounts,
performing bank reconciliation, preparing cash reconciliation and also to help my senior
accountant periodically. In addition, I was supposed to help the senior accountant to complete
and finalize the financial statements on a yearly basis. The work gave me immense knowledge in
terms of a practical idea as to how the books of accounts are actually prepared in the real world. I
would like to share one of my experiences which I found to be extremely value-adding for me.
When I was doing my job then suddenly one day my senior boss asked me to look into
the bank book which was not getting tallied with the bank statement. He indicated that this must
be the reason for bank reconciliation is done in an imperfect manner and that's why he asked me
to prepare a revised bank reconciliation statement with 100% accuracy. In order to perform the
instructed task, I got two business day’s time from my boss. In our accounts department, there
was another employee who was junior to me in terms of the organizational hierarchy. In other
words, he was a support staff who used to provide voucher preparation services for the entire
organization. When being instructed by my boss, I had a brief meeting with him stating what I
need. I instructed him how to get the work done by collecting all the bank statements and
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