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This reflective report is concerned with understanding the job market of United Kingdom and thefocus would be to find out the number of opportunities I can get in the current situation. The main goal of this reflective report is to understand where I fit in the job market, the skills I require to get into the job market and the areas where I am week and can improve to get faster job. However, prior to assessing my skills, strengths, and weaknesses, it is important that I understand what is currently happening in the graduate market and the situation of the market regarding the job requirements and the skills that are important to succeed in securing jobs quickly. The Part A of this reflective report is concerned with understanding the current marketplace for graduate employment opportunities and the Part B is about my intended career plan and assessment of related factors such as suitability, strengths, and weaknesses. In the end, conclusive remarks have been given regarding the steps that should be considered by me based on the market requirements, my strengths and weaknesses.Part A: Current Marketplace for Graduate Employment OpportunitiesIf the graduate market of United Kingdom is taken into consideration for the current year then it can be stated that the market has grown appreciably well and there are opportunities that can be considered appreciable for the graduates coming out of the college this year. Moreover, if the trend of past five years is considered then it can be witnessed that the market situation is bright. The report published by HighFliers.co.uk (2016) stated that from the year 2006 to 2016 the employment market for the graduate has shown huge fluctuations. From the year 2005 to 2006 the percentage change in job opportunities was 10.8%. However, the change from the year 2007 to 2008 was 6.7%. The reason behind such huge variation can be attributed the recessionary situation of the 2008-2009. During this period the economy dwindled due to series of wrong financial decisions in the United States real estate and financial industry (Bell and Blachflower,

2010). The impact of this situation was worldwide and particularly on those countries that were closely dependent on the economy of the United States such as China and most of the European Union countries. However, after the huge investment from the US government into the market inthe name of bailout package gradually brought the market on track. The impact of the economic situation was clearly visible on the United Kingdom’s job market (Gregg and Wadsworth, 2010). On one hand where the fall in 2008 was 6.7%, on the other the fall in the next year, that is 2009, was huge that is around 17.8%. However, due to the positive measures considered by the governments around the world, the economic started to come on the right track. After the positive expectation from the economy, the companies opened their doors for the graduates and the year 2010 saw huge jump that is around 12%. As per the report, the opportunities for 2016 were expected to be 7.5% which went to 8.4% around mid-June this year. The recruitment season in the initial months of session 2014-15 showed that the confidence in the market from the employers’ perspective has returned. The sector that has been considered for the job is IT as it has been observed from the past decadethat the Information and Technology grew faster than any other industry. One of the reasons behind such growth can be the non-restricted access of this sector around the globe. The companies working in the information and technology are successfully able to access the talent and labor market from around the world along with the resources. Therefore, moving into the position of managing the human resources within such organization will be lucrative for individuals who are looking for the opportunities to interact and handle wide diversity of individuals.

Based on the studies of the opportunities in the market, it has been identified that the job market of United Kingdom prefers individuals with work experience. The individuals with work experience are always preferred upon the graduates with no work experience. In this scenario it becomes an important aspect for the graduates to induct themselves in some kind of activities that can allow them get exposure to work environment within the organizations. The job market provides part time opportunities to fresh graduates who can act as the suitable certification and proof of experience. Some of the researches have come to the conclusion that around one in every three job positions available in the company are filled by the individuals with some kind of previous work experience. Moreover, it has been also found out that the salaries that are availed by the graduates in the top companies in the United Kingdom are in the average of 30,000 pound. Moreover, the top four sectors that are best in case of providing good salaries to the candidates are investment banking, law, other banking and finance, and oil and energy sector. These industries provide appreciable salary package to the graduates, provided the graduates have right skills and qualities to handle the job responsibilities (Cowling et al, 2015). Whatever one discuss about the opportunities in the job market of United Kingdom, one thing is certainly clear that without job experience, the individuals will be bound to face challenge in searching for suitable jobs. However, the big companies are aware that they cannot get experienced every time for the available positions. Also, the individuals who come with some experience holds various types of presumptions about the work culture and it becomes sometime challenging for the companies to train such individuals. However, the fresh graduates are unaware of anything and they are also not pre-molded into particular work methods. Therefore, itbecomes easier for the organizations to mold the work styles of the graduate according to the

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