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Reflective Journal on Business Research

Added on -2020-03-16

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REFLECTIVE JOURNAL2REFLECTIVE JOURNAL OF A BUSINESS RESEARCH In a journal entry concerning business research, learning experience refers to aninteraction in which Academic skills pertaining business are gained from studies, practice orobservation through a course or a program in academic settings. The skills learned are aimed atproviding adequate knowledge that can be used in future. For example, use the skills to set up abusiness. The learning includes both traditional and nontraditional settings. In traditionalsettings, learning takes place in places like schools and conferences where teachers share theirknowledge with students through class interaction. On the other hand, nontraditional settingsinvolve students’ engagements in soft wares with learning materials as well as games and otherleisure activities. On my point of view, learning experience pertaining business research should be open.This means that a learner should not only heed to what is mandated to learn that also engage inother activities that give extra different knowledge to be used in future. From business research,we learn that the knowledge obtained can work together with one's specialization and result to aperson with a wide view of information. In his journal, ( Bryman 2015, P, 55-67) stated that“Learning experience is of much value that it helps design a purposeful journey that makeslearners realize their objectives according to the activities they are engaged into." It also helpsstudents have a real-world simulation such that they can tell the relationship between what theydo with what exists in the real world situation.With learning experience from business research, I have an assurance that I can handlethe assigned tasks in my program or course. This can be achievable through the fact that theapproach of critical analysis to situations associated with learning gained from business research,
REFLECTIVE JOURNAL3is the same that I will apply to my program or future career and deliver the expected results. Forexample, studies by (Billet 2014, P, 200-222) shows that the skills learned in industrialmanagement such as duty delegations can be used in an organization to assign employees andenhance a good control of the organization with maximum supervision. In my business research, I found that savings revive the business during low seasons andalso help expand the business by creating more branches. To achieve this, (Collis 2013, P, 277-315) accords that there are disciplines to embrace such as the use of fixed saving accounts whichlocks money for a given span of time. In future, I can use this concept to save my incomes aswell as expand my business by embracing benefits of fixed account savings.When conducting business research, I aimed to prove the existence of online marketing.The business research included some engagements that can help have a good prowess in future.To start with, the research involved an explore to digital marketing whereby referring from(Waterman 2014, P,23-31) I found that use of updated technology enhances steady marketing bysmoothening the interaction between buyers and sellers. I used to hear that people advertise theirproducts on the internet through promotions whereby a potential customer gets attracted to theproducts and make orders. Through the study of a book by (Dana 2014, P, 149-198) I found that a customer canrequest orders from an organizations website and receive them through online marketing withoutphysical movement of the buyer or the seller. This economizes the business since through onlinemarketing transport levies are evaded. I found this research to be real. For example, Jumia amobile company advertises their phone on the internet then a customer makes an order, andthrough postal codes, the mobile gets delivered to the client at his or her destination.

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