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Reflective ReportThe whole experience of conducting this research study was great I learnt a lot about different things as well as gained knowledge regarding the challenges which are faced and the ways to manage and handle them to earn success in the particular task. Also at the beginning of this study, I felt unsure that whether this project will be completed by me efficiently and effectively. But, after its completion, I feel satisfied and the realistic and true results are obtained by me for the company Godiva to improve its marketing strategy. This research study aided to analyze all factors related to the corporation from the view point of customer. Also, I learnt about the activities and operations of the organization which get influenced when the technology and time changes and the ways which suggest that how company can make or amend the processes of the strategies to get aligned with the changes and attain further the sustainability with the profit maximization. Also, I observed that as per the change in technology and time, the methods whichare traditional in approach regarding formulation of strategies for marketing and development of sales are used less in comparison to the contemporary methods of formulation o strategy as it is generally believed by people that the methods which are traditional are waste of energy and tomeand also involve high cost to attract further the target market. I faced few difficulties while collecting data through resources which are primary as few respondents were not willing to answer the questions because they were not able to realize the significance of that and thought it as waste of effort and time. I also faced some difficulties while having interaction with them as they faced difficulty to get to know the question and answer them further efficiently and effectively. According to my opinion, taking a larger size of sample could have been a better stepas it would have given realistic results and make furthers the recommendations for organization as per the behavior and attitude of the customer. Also at the time of arranging the data in MS
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