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SOCIALMEDIA AND MARKETING2Social Media and MarketingAcknowledgementFirst of all, I thank Allah for enriching me with knowledge, well-being, and tolerance tocomplete this project. Secondly, I would like to acknowledge my family for all their financialand emotional support throughout my academic life in the UK. I expressly extend thisgratitude to my mom and dad always believing that I could be successful, as it motivated meto accomplish all my objectives. My brothers and sister were as well concerned with my well-being and supported me in every way possible. Lastly, my supervisor played a great role inthis achievement due to his constant guidance and motivation in such a professional way thatI can confidently say that is would be impossible to finish this piece of work without hispresence. SummaryThere were various techniques used in the methodology phase with a sole purpose of gettingthe data on the impacts of social media on business. Qualitative method of research wasutilized to give more desirable results in the study. Therefore, the researcher made use ofinformation from valid and reliable scholarly sources in answering the research questions.Qualitative analysis methods help in the production of results that go beyond the purpose ofthe study (Patton, 2001). Throughout the process of formulating this methodology, theresearcher got to understand the concept of social media and the effect it has on businesses.Also, the qualitative research approach was used to find the appropriate data that was thenused for further analysis and discussion. The research also sought to inform the learners onthe social interactions that businesses form with their clients on different platforms.
SOCIALMEDIA AND MARKETING3Observation was also a good strategy that helped the research realize the extents to whichcertain companies use web-based social networking sites to advertise their products. As theobservation was conducted, the researcher was keen on the different strategies that thesebusinesses use during which he sought to answer the research questions. Document analysis,a form of background research, was also used as the researcher reviewed documents to helpunderstand the work of previous researchers and improve or increase the current knowledge.The data collection was accomplished by reviewing and summarizing the sources which weredone by multiple viewers. Finally, the thematic content analysis (TA) was utilized and thathelped to capture the descriptive of the data from which themes were developed. The tableswere used to summarize the information before TA was applied to analyze the content. The case study and document analysis as explained above were instrumental in the analysisof the findings and answering the research questions. The results indicate that social mediamarketing is more efficient that other traditional media that also play a similar role. It hasforced businesses to alter their business strategies, which in return improves theirperformance in their respective markets. These statistics were supported by case studiesconducted for Coca-Cola’s use of facebook or Twitter use of Dunkin Donuts. The analyses inaddition to document reports enabled the researcher to effectively answer the questions.Findings state that social media impacts positively on businesses in the sectors of marketing,administration, customer service and procurement as well. Social media is thus a usefulplatform that can help elevate a business to another level of performance.

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