ACCG950 Performance Measurement Issues

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Reflective ReportThe sessions and seminars attended by me so far have been effective in enhancing my overalllearning experience. It can be said that while earlier I had limited knowledge regarding thesubject and discipline, attending lectures and seminars as such have provided me with betterknowledge in regards with the chosen subject. The wider aspects of accounting and thestrategic approaches needed are better understood by me now. After attending the seminar in week 5, the requirement of proper decision making andmeasurement of the performances within the business environment has been understood byme. While every individual employee strives to provide the organisation with their besteffort, it is needed to be ensured that the individual efforts are channelized in a manner toserve the organisational goals (Bennett et al. 2014). Hence, the approaches relating to themeasurement of performances were learnt and the importance of the same was recognised byme. On the basis of the seminar and readings of week 5, it has been inferred by me that thedecision makers within any organisation are required to be efficient and ensure that the mostsuitable performance measurement techniques are being applied within the organisation. Itwill not only enhance and properly direct the individual performances, but will alsocontribute towards the overall development of the organisations as well (Upadhaya et al.2014). However, while the performance measurement is initiated by the decision makers, it isimportant to ensure that standard techniques are being utilised. This will lead to properdetermination of the performance level of the employees within any business scenario. Additionally, the performance measurements are required to be recorded in order to ensurethat the most effective strategic approaches are being taken by the organisation in order togain maximum productivity (Cassel et al 2014). The measures required to be taken intoaccount for appropriate determination of performances are now better understood by me.However, it is needed to be understood that the theoretical knowledge are essential to bepractically implemented in order to ensure that the best results are being attained. While proceeding with my course in Macquarie, there are various assessment tasks whichhave been undertaken by me to reflect upon my performance and skills. One of the mostbeneficial tasks was that of the individual presentation. It provided me with better scope torevise my understanding and attained learning and ensure that I am able to hone my

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