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Reflective Writing | Learning Modules

Write three reflective journal entries on intercultural learning and its relevance to personal, social, and professional life.

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Added on  2022-08-20

Reflective Writing | Learning Modules

Write three reflective journal entries on intercultural learning and its relevance to personal, social, and professional life.

   Added on 2022-08-20

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Reflective Writing
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Reflective Writing | Learning Modules_1
Reflection is an effective way of learning as it enables one to look back on the studied
material and relate it to real life (Griggs et al., 2018). In our modules we learnt different
aspects of Cultural awareness and understanding of cultural competence. Due to globalization
and technological advancement, the world has become small as people and places are more
connected. This leads to the growing importance of cultural competence and skills related to
intercultural interaction. This essay reflects on the module learning elements, the theories and
concepts that we learn and discern their relationship to real life experiences of personal and
professional life.
My learning from the modules
The module contained materials related to intercultural intelligence and the
understanding of differences in culture. Intercultural understanding provided me with
knowledge that enabled me to understand that different cultures. We learnt about Hofstede’s
cultural dimension which differentiates between the cultures. The Hofstede’s cultural model
provides four dimension which helps in identifying cultural values, individualism
collectivism, power distance, uncertainty avoidance and masculinity-femininity (Dihl et al.,
2017). Through the learning of the module we learnt about how people behave in a cross
cultural scenario (Bennett, 1998). This article gave us critical understanding of the
differences in culture and the process through which individuals can manage intercultural
Reflective Writing | Learning Modules_2
My initial reactions to the learning resources and activities
When I was first introduced to the learning resources, I felt overwhelmed thinking
that gaining cultural competence would be a near impossible job and I would not be able to
gain the skills necessary for becoming more culturally competent. The resources also
included understanding of mindfulness for intercultural interaction (Spencer-Oatey, 2013). I
realized that through mindfulness, not only cultural competence but also the understanding
and management of the module learning is also possible. My initial reaction also included
apprehension as I was learning new perspectives of intercultural competence which I believe
will help me in my future workplace and interpersonal relationships.
Most interesting or surprising aspect from the modules? Why?
The most interesting aspect of that I found in the module was from the article of
Bennett (1998), which gave me the idea of positive and negative stereotyping. Negative
prejudice is the discriminating or deriding a group for differences that cannot be controlled.
In this case people belonging to a particular culture is disrespected which creates further
boundary for intercultural communication. In positive stereotyping the observer respects the
cultural difference and thus is able to celebrate it. Another interesting fact that I observed
through the course work that interpersonal communication is mainly focused on person-to
person communication and thus is not concerned with mass media.
Fit of new learning with existing knowledge and experiences
The new learning that I gathered through the reading enhanced my previous learning
and experience. Through the reading of the Bennett (1998), I learnt about the assumptions
and processes of intercultural communication. This helped me in developing a better
interaction with people belonging to other cultures. For example, earlier I did not have clear
idea about the nonverbal aspect of communication which according to the writer is quite
Reflective Writing | Learning Modules_3

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