The relationship between leadership and change management

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1ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP"Do leaders add value to the change management process? Explore the relationshipbetween leadership and organizational change using relevant theories and case studies"Change management process is highly essential in the context of the current day businessenvironment. This highly essential for every business organization to implement timely changein the operational and business strategies, which are essential for maintaining sustainability in therespective business environment and industry. However, in most of the occasions, organizationsface challenges while implementing the policies of Change management. Cameron andGreen(2015), have suggested in the context that the success rate of Change managementprocedures is highly dependent upon the quality of organizational leadership. The leaders of anorganization are supposed to have direct authority over every group of people to implementofficial change. The leaders and managers are considered to be the main advocate forimplementing the change at every level within an organization. In other words, they act as themajor sponsor and catalyst of the changing business policies that need to be implemented withinan organization.In the given context, the current study will analyse and critically evaluate the relationshipbetween organizational change and leadership. Relevant theories will be used in the context toestablish relationship between two elements. Real life case studies will also be provided in orderto better support the importance of organizational leadership in implementing Changemanagement procedures. It is important to focus upon definite style of leadership, which arebelieved to have significant effect on Change management procedures. The primary role oforganizational leader is to understand the importance of organizational change in the context ofexisting business environment. It is also important note that all the workers within an
2ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIPorganization look forward to the leader to provide them with proper sufficient and guide that areneeded to deal with the challenges of Change management.The work ofKuiperset al.(2014), has highlighted upon the fact that organizational leaderor manager considered as the primary agent of change. The Rapid change in the external marketenvironment of all forms of business, which is mainly induced by high expectation from theclient group can effectively predict with the help of effective organizational leadership. Thereported work ofDoppelt(2017), have highlighted upon the fact that 70% of organizationalchanges fail due to lack of organizational leadership. Hence, it is not possible for the employeesto get proper guidance that is needed for motivating the Employees for adapting to the new formof business environment.The research work ofDonate and de Pablo(2015), have highlighted upon the importanceof organizational change that mainly includes gaining competitive advantage in the fast changingexternal market environment. The importance of Change management can be also emphasizedby the fact that it can help to change and modify the organizational goal. Change managementprocedures within an organization are mainly implemented by modifying the business protocols.With the introduction of new product or service in the market, the change managementprocedures can ensure that new organizational objectives are fulfilled.The Lewin's Change management model is considered to be one of the widely usedpolicies that primarily focuses on understanding the need of change (Cummingset al.2016). Thefirst step within the model aims to break down the existing protocol business operation. This isconsidered to be highly critical due to the fact that there are risks that are involved in thesituation. The organizational leaders play a vital role in the primary step as they encourage theworkers to take extra initiative that is needed to foster the change policies. This can be achieved
3ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIPby communicating with the workers and making them understand the importance ofimplementing change in order to achieve new organizational target.In the second step, which is also called the transition phase the organization implementpractical change within the business operations. The management plays an important role inmaking up of the plan of changes that need to be implemented in each of the departments. Thefinal phase is called the freezing stage, where the employees are you able to transit to muchstable position in the matter of implementing change. In order to encourage the new changeprotocol, the Employees are given proper reward.According toWojciechowskiet al.(2016), one of the effective ways to implement LewinChange management model is by altering the behavior and attitude of the employees towardsindividual level of skills. The management also has to take the responsibility of modifying theorganizational structure, which will help them to provide better quality of leadership. They arealso responsible for bringing about change in the organizational culture, which are needed tomotivate the employees during the transition period.On the other hand,Bartunek and Woodman(2015) have criticized the Lewin changemanagement model due to the fact that it is considered to be simple in the context of currentday's organizational structure of various multinational corporations. It is also not possible tobring about radical changes within an organization with the help of this model. The role of theleader's power is often ignored as it is not possible to resolve the organizational conflicts that canarise during the process of implementing change.This Change management process was implemented in the Nissan Motor Company,which was done under the leadership of Carlos Ghosn. As the company went to a stage ofbankruptcy resulting in dipping of the shared values, the new leader faced challenge while
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