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REPORT2REPORTDiabetes is a growing concern among masses. In Manhattan New York area a staggering 36.2% of people are suffering from Diabetes. (Wild et al, 2004).This is a lifestyle disorder whichcan be prevented. Diabetes not only causes damage to the major organs but in long run, itshortens and lifespan of an individual. Our sedentary lifestyle and eating habits have causedus the ever growing number of lifestyle disorder. There are various databases availablewhich will help people fight with Diabetes. There are data Centres for Disease Control andprevention database which deals with various diseases and conditions. There is focus ondiseases like ADHD, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Flu and STD’s. As for considering adata for people suffering from diabetes, it has been the most helpful. It not only describes thebasics of the disease for the better understanding of the diabetic patients but also has all thelatest update about the disease. What are the new medicines in the market? Also theprogrammes and initiatives by the government for disease preventionNew York state Department of Health database also discusses many diseases like Zika virus,Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer Programmes and also there is Marijuana Practitioner Courseavailable. This course will help many people who are addicted to this drug. This course is notoffered by many universities.Next searched database is New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. It is one ofthe largest public health agencies in the world. There work is broad ranging. They are thedisease detectives. They study the patterns of diseases, their causes and effects. Thisdepartment faces many challenges. Health inequality for people in New York is the mainfocus for this organisation.Health People 2020 is a programme launched by Health and Human Services in December2010. The goals of the programme are to attain high-quality life, helps preventing diseases ,
REPORT3disability , injury and premature death. This helps in preventing Diabetes before it occurs.The type 2 Diabetes can be prevented by lifestyle modifications. This programme helpspeople in adapting a healthy lifestyle and preventing various diseases. Its helps in creating asocial and physical environment that promote good health for all. Diabetes type 2 is apreventable disease. This programme helps in its prevention or in many cases can delay itsonset. The data used by this programme includes socio-demographic data tabulated which isseparated by race, Hispanic origin , gender , education , disability as selected by thepopulation type. (Buse et al, 2009)For an average patient of diabetes navigating through these database will be very helpful.Centres for Disease Control and prevention database gives complete information regardingDiabetes. An average patient suffering from the disease will find all the required informationin this database. There is all the necessary information regarding how it is caused to itstreatment and prevention. There is also mention of all the new programmes and initiatives inthe neighbourhood. Next will be New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene theyhave a very broad spectrum. As discussed above they are disease detectives. They help apatient to understand the main factors causing the disease. They investigate how the diseaseaffects the population, what are the disease impacts on the society (Health People, 2020)programme has been most helpful in the pre-disease stage. It helped in learning how can thedisease be prevented by building healthy social and environmental surroundings.There are many factors in Manhattan New York area which has contributed as Diabetes beinga major Lifestyle disorder. The lifestyle followed by many people there is sedentary. It has afast food culture. Fast food has high amounts of sugar and salt in it. It contributes to the earlyonset of lifestyle disorders including Diabetes. Diabetes also occurs due to stress. Stress is
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