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Report for Duque Papetiers Gros - PDF

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Added on  2020-10-23

Report for Duque Papetiers Gros - PDF

   Added on 2020-10-23

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Report for Duque Papetiers GrosDate:
Report for Duque Papetiers Gros - PDF_1
Report for Duque Papetiers Gros 2018IntroductionThere is presence of German stationery sector which is gaining well position in market. Thissector has developed and introduced very innovative products and services in context of consumerpreferences and habits. The present report is giving brief discussion about Duque Papertiers Groswhich deals with stationery services and products to small shops, offices and local school. This type ofbusiness unit has framed very effectual image and gained trust and even reliability. In the presentreport Duque owner wants to expand its business in other countries like France, Germany or Belgium.So according to this report will be presenting gist about trend of annual spending on drawing andwriting materials with reference to seven European countries.2
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Report for Duque Papetiers Gros 2018Analysis of Issues for Duque Papetiers Gros2.1 An Overview of the Wholesale Stationers Market in GermanyThe current stationery industry of Germany is well positioned. According to report ofTrade association for writing and office supply has replicated the total turnover of specificindustry is above 14.8 Billion per year which is equal to spending of every individual that ismore than 182 annually. In the European Union countries, Germany is at second position withrespect to spending for stationery as 35.2 of it is used on drawing and writing materials. Therewas rise in industry of stationery by 3.5% in year 2014 and 2015 (Green and Salkind, 2016). Itwill be giving outcome as of raising demand which has raised by 2.5% and even demand hasbeen increasing from abroad of 5%.Germany has very good reputation in context of stationery brands in worldwide. Theyhave attained very significant market shares with respect to positive image in market againstprivate labels. There is existence of very broad range of several products with uniquechallenges and development. The turnover is decreasing of paper and its products as thiscategory is experiencing growth rate in positive aspect and even there is growth in officesupplies and different writing instruments by 5% in year 2015.In the industry of stationery, 2200 wholesale organizations are operating and half ofthem are giving turnover less than 500000 as it consists of wholesalers of selling paper,writing instruments and office supplies and even the ones who are giving directly tocommercial customers are termed as business intermediaries. Due to merger variousstationery wholesalers decreased there operations and various organizations took exit frommarket.3
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Report for Duque Papetiers Gros 20182.2 Annual Spending on Writing/Drawing Materials per CapitaAccording to research, it has been identified that stationery industry of Germany isgrowing with well positioning. According to this report, 14.8 billion is total turnover of specificindustry per year. There spending is equal of every individual which is more than 182 annuallyand 35.2 was specific part was only drawing and writing materials. In the context of per capitaincome, Switzerland is leading with 34.5 and followed up by Germany and then Austria. In thecontext of European Union countries such as France and Germany who’s spending is alsoaccounted in below mentioned chart of spending (McEwen and Dean, 2015). Along withthe perspective of enhancing annual spending, Duque must give special emphasis on variouspromotional aspects and even online servicing. According to published data of HBS, the leastdecade number of pupils got decrement by 11.9% and it will directly tend towards negativeimpacts in context of drawing and writing material and even by revenue.Illustration 1: Annual spending for writing and drawing(Source: )4
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