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Running head: POLITICS
Australian Politics
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The topic discusses the importance of the Australian politics under a new regime of Malcom
Turnball. The topic elaborates on the rule of the preceding session of the Government and how it
has turned out which affected the future regime of the government. Te topic further critically
elaborates the importance of the national security and the reign of Donald Trump over the
politics of Australia.
Assessment of the legacy of the Abbott Government.
Tony Abbott’s policy from 2013-2015 is being judged on the basis of his work for
Australia. However, in this topic it is important to discuss How far the Abbott Government was
successful in exhibiting a successful quality of leadership to the country Australia. Therefore, the
terms would has to be convenient enough to explain and judge the legacy of the Government
with evidences and the topic would further elaborate on the Abbott’s government’s legacy
(Curtin 2016).
It is true to justify that Australia has shifted away from a type of UK influenced culture to
a more liberal culture. The government of Tony Government was considered to be the least
productive while passing the legislation since the year 1972. Mr. Abbott in his reign focused on
certain points and they are Senate reforms, defunding the human rights commission and giving
protection to the employees. However, the government was unpopular in most of the times
(Curtin 2016).
There are crisis prevailing in the 21st century, and inside Australia, which is a democratic
country. Abbott’s reign emphasized on the nature of rhetoric which is emergency and crisis
based. Abbott has proved himself to be an incompetent leader (Street 2015). Abbott
Government’s lack of coherence in the policies made the leader in capable of understanding the
issues of the complex policies. In front of the media, Abbott has given the public messages about
the reforms of health care and they made it the main point (Street 2015). However, he himself
was not sure about what the health legislation is needed to be passed. He was also not sure about
Australia’s important public broadcaster and Abbott was completely hoodwinked on the issues of
climate change at the summit of G20 held last year in Australia. Abbott was also not going at
maintaining public relations as he has never thought of waging discussions with the other top
ministers belonging to the conservative coalition (Street 2015).
Therefore, in many such aspects, Abbott failed to emphasize on the tactics of discussing
important policies and interpreting them accordingly. His rhetoric based ideas had also turned
out to be a failure in most of the times. Therefore, the government with his policy building
efforts, maintaining public relations failed (Street 2015).
Achievements of Turnball Government.
Malcolm Turnball has become the 29th Australian’s Prime Minister in the year 2015 by
defeating the Abbott Government. Over here it is important to discuss the main achievements of
the Turnbal government and what are the major fields where the Prime Minister worked to bring
improvements in the administration of Australia (Dowding 2017).
According to the modern Trait theory, the individuals who are known as leaders have the
adjustment of intelligence, openness to the experiences and the self-efficacy. In this context as
well, Malcolm Turnball proved his self-efficacy in most of the times.
Turnball’s top 3 achievements include where he increased the female candidates in the
cabinet ministers from three to five where a woman leader name Marise Payne is now considered
as the first minister in the field of defense (Dowding 2017). Malcolm Turnball also changed the
previous Government’s policy towards the funding of research for the CSIRO. Another most
important achievement is that he was successful in restoring the position of the government,
where he repositioned for being competitive at the polls. However, he also began the tax
conversation or raising the rate of Good and Service Tax in the lieu of cut in the income tax.
Turnball is working on the improvements of the administration of Australia, trying to
reverse the policy of the previous government and implementing properly to bring out the best of
the Turnball administration by introducing new facilities for Australia (Wanna et al 2013).
Ideological differences of the political parties of Australia
The two major political parties of Australia are the Liberal party and The Labor Party is
enumerated here. Over here it would focus on the main differences between the two major
political parties. Along with their ideological differences, it is also important to discuss, the
major differences that could be achieved in the field of their implementation of politics and
practices (Fielding et al 2012).
The Liberal Party believes in the idea of Conservatism and on the other hand, Labor party
believes in the ideology of Democratic Socialism (Fielding et al 2012; Cross and Katz 2013).
The Liberal Party believes in the idea of Minimal involvement of the government in the
economy and on the other hand Labor party believes in the minimum wages, enhancement in the
tax system for the higher earners of income.
The liberal party’s believe in the theory of Conservatism and also their belief in the idea
of Minimal intervention of the Government lead to the independent market policy structure,
rolling back to the Adam Smith’s model economics or Laissez- fair (Fielding et al 2012). The
Liberal party on the other hand believes in the ideology of Democratic Socialism which justifies

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