Report on Motivation Of Employee To Enhance Performance

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rFINDINGSMaximum number of employees think benefits and compensation will enhance the performanceMajority of the employees think the present management style of the company should be improvedMonetary incentives are the major element which motivates the employees for working in the companyLarge number of employees voted lack of control as the major factor responsible for the motivation levelMajority of the employees feel motivated with the work2 years5years7years 7 years and above051015202530Monetary incentivesNon-monetary incentives 0102030405060CompetitionWork pressuresLack of controlAll of the above051015202530PercentageYes No010203040506070Majority of the employees are workingsince 5 years in this companyMajority of the employees feelmotivated with the workLarge number of employees voted lack ofcontrol as the major factor responsible forthe motivation levelMonetary incentives are themajor element which motivatesthe employees for working in thecompanyRESEARCH RATIONALETo analyse the impact of employee motivation in retail organization so that it’sorganizational performance can be improved. This will assist this company to takecorrective measures for the enhancement of employee motivation and interest in retailindustry. It is seen that employees are facing increasing work load and other issuesdue to which their performance is getting affected. This has become a topic to focus inorder to gain effective solution for the cited subject.OBJECTIVESTo evaluate the concept of employee motivation To evaluate the concept ofemployee motivationTo examine the different factors of motivation for the employeesTo investigate the impact of employee motivation in retail industryTo recommend effective measures for the enhancement of employeemotivation at workplace To evaluate the impact of employee motivation on work performance in an organisation: case analysis of M&S.

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