Report on Analysis of Coconut Water Market

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RUNNING HEAD: Analysis of coconut water market 1Analysis of coconut water market
Analysis of coconut water market 2Introduction This report reflects the key understanding on the coconut water market and how newlyintroduced coconut water could be taken into consideration to establish effective brand incoconut water. In this report, study has been conducted on the coconut water named coco 100which is introduced in the market with a view to create effective brand image. This product isintroduced in the market with a view to reduce the overall gap between coconut products supplyand demand in the market. Coco 100 is new products which will be useful to create high amountof profit and grasping good amount of market share due to the effective quality of Coco 100. Inthis report, adamantine study will be conducted to evaluate the marketing factors and associatedbusiness plans (Charles, 2016).Problem The main problem in selling Coco 100 in market is related to the uniqueness of itsproducts in market and shortcoming of its less effective brand image in market. However, usingof enterprises resource planning of cyber computing system through which company couldimplement digital marketing of its newly introduced Coco 100 is highly costly. It will increasethe overall cost of capital of company (Shashikumar and Chandrashekar, 2014).Marketing plan The marketing plan for selling Coco 100 is based on the using enterprises resourceplanning of cyber computing system through which company could implement digital marketingof its newly introduced Coco 100. If company uses this marketing plan then company couldincrease its overall Coca 100 sales. This Coco 100 is accompanied by several intents such as it is

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