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Report on the Design Options of Landwall Mining Method

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Added on  2020-02-18

Report on the Design Options of Landwall Mining Method

   Added on 2020-02-18

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REPORT ON THE DESIGN OPTIONS OF LANDWALL MINING METHOD PART 1: DESIGN 1 The mining options presented have got a myriad of challenges such as risk factors that must be analyzed during establishment of standard operating procedures. Admittedly, risks associated with each mining option have unique characteristics such as accidental collapse of the roof in areas where reinforcements are not done properly. The cross deep shaft method is often associated with this kind of risk as the shafts are sunk relatively deeper. Due to the overbearing weight of the earth movers and the vibration of the machines, areas prone to earth quakes may betriggered off. The geologists must therefore competently analyze the data from the area using modern sophisticated tools and software. The identified hotspots must therefore be avoided at all costs. Improper and insufficient training of all workers can also be a potential source of problems. The inexperienced crane operators and drivers may cause damage to people and properties as they tryto navigate the terrain during mining. The entire system of mining must therefore take into consideration the complex routing of the machinery and equipment to minimize on backtracking and unnecessary collisions. Some mines have weaker rocks which could cave in during operation. It is therefore often required that once an area is depleted, the remnants must be cleared off. The belt transect methodwill come in handy in this case. The above mining design options have got both merits and limitations. The belt transect method is the fastest and perhaps the cheapest to establish and run. The area identified is worked on in a rectangular manner before collapsing the weaker walls to give way to new region as movement is both traverse and longitudinal. Therefore, in conclusion, we propose the belt transect method which takes into proper account ofrisk, efficiency and reliability. PART 2: DESIGN IIThe objectives of this portion are to: Ensure design incorporates adequate dimensioning based on the given data and can be tested to ascertain whether or not they are safeThe pillars are also designed to act as barriers so that localization of problems is highly encouraged hence: Now, given the following information: Pit pillar height= 100mSeam thickness, t= 3.6mMain gate development dimension:
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Report on Design Options of Landwall Mining Method

Report- Design Options of Landwall Mining Method