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Report on Victorian Royal Commission

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Added on  2020-02-23

Report on Victorian Royal Commission

   Added on 2020-02-23

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Buildings in bush fire prone areaIntroduction Since the event of the bushfire in Victoria, many surveys have been done in connection with what happened and what need to be done to curb such house losses in the future. The main questions, which result from the loss rotate, are what are the major conditions, which gave rise tosuch house losses? Different views have been offered by different experts on what can be done inorder to prevent many losses, which result from the bushfires. From the surveys, it is clear that different modes do apply when the bushfire is attacking the house. This is able to result to different levels of damages o the houses (SBS News, 2014). This paper will be able to analyze the lessons which were learnt from the house loss survey in Victoria. In addition, this paper will move into details to the conditions, which gave rise to the house losses and make a conclusion onthe state of house survival under the conditions. Lastly, this paper will analyze the final report of the Victorian Royal Commission and analyze whether it helps in providing better building and construction conditions to curb such house losses in future in relation to the state and territory rules. Lesson learnt Different house loss survey has been conducted since the Victorian fire happen to determine what went wrong to have as such increased house losses in the location from the wildfire. One ofthe key lesson learnt is that the prevent mechanism on the houses was not meant to cater for the wildfires. It was clear that the construction standards on the location took little account of the risk of the bushfire although the area was known to have such risk. This is a key consideration which should have been made during the construction and ensure proper mechanisms were taken
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to minimize the house loss in case of the risk happen (SBS News, 2014). The surveys conducted on the houses lost shown that very little was done to minimize such risks on the event of happening. In addition, another key lesson learnt from the wildfire and event is that the warnings about imminent fires or even fire weather and the key advice about evaluations procedures were confusing (Government Printer for the State of Victoria, 2010). This means that the time to comeinto way forward on the way to handle the fire would be long and thus lead to much damage. On the event of risk occurring, quick resolution methods, which are performed without confusion, are always required to minimize the damages (Leonard and Blanchi, 2005). This was not the caseand a lot of damage resulted from the confusion of the mechanisms applied. In addition, the preparation for the disasters is a key mechanism to reduce the amount of losses which are experienced. With proper disaster preparedness, the house losses would have been minimized. The key lesson from the 2009 wildfire and the magnitude of the house loss on the location is that there was no proper disaster preparedness in terms of emergency services command and control. Event with the presence of valiant efforts of the personal and crew efforts in the field to control the loss, the worst of the loss was experienced (Evans, 2009). The preparedness is much experienced with clear guidelines of the individual responsibilities, which are well defined to help attain the supreme charge on the emergency operation. This helps to minimize the key conflict areas since there are guidelines of the personnel in charge (Leonard, Blanchi and Bowditch, 2004). The damage experienced was able to show that the definition of the responsibilities was not clear. The lesson learnt is that the emergency services protocol need to be revised for it to enact well to help minimize the losses, which are experienced. Communication is key when some of the emergency events do occur. The level of the emergencyservices was tested on this event and it was leant the communication channels were not such
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