Report on Project Management Risk Assessment

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Running head: PROJECT MANAGEMENT RISK ASSESSMENTProject Management Risk assessmentName of the Student:Student ID:Name of the University:
1PROJECT MANAGEMENT RISK ASSESSMENTIntroductionRisk Management is one of the most crucial tools that help in risk identification,development of plan, and reduction of the impact on the risk factors on the project (Lam2014). The project of Website development for Car Rental is largely influenced by thepeople involved in the project. Hence the impact of the people on the activities of theproject is also very huge. The implication of the risk management would help in identifyingthe probability of the occurrence of the risk factors on the project that could be raised dueto the people involved in the project.The major risk factors due to people that can have an impact on the operations of theproject are absence of skilled staff, problem in recruitment, medical issues in the staff, andabsence of training for the staff (McNeil, Frey and Embrechts 2015). The factors of riskwould cause the major issues in the obligations of the project successfully. The use of therisk management would provide the option for the development of the successive andintegrated communication management. The development of the operations was supportedby the implication of the operations for development and integration of the operations thatare required for the integration of the effective operations.The nature of riskThe risk assessment for the project of Website Development for Car Rental is done foranalyzing the various risks of the project along with the type of the risk (Glendon, Clarke andMcKenna 2016). The risks identified in the project were absence of skilled staff, problem inrecruitment, medical issues in the staff, and absence of training for the staff due to thepeople involved in the project. The types of the risk are dependent on the procurement ofthe operations of the project and the formation of the successive development operations(Chance and Brooks 2015). The analysis of the factors of the risk would help in listing theoperational development of the risk associated with the development of the operational riskassessment.The risk is highly dependent on the people associated with the project. The implication ofthe successive project integration plan had resulted in forming the development of theimproved operations (Wolke 2017). The nonattendance of talented staff is the significantissue of the task as the entire undertaking is about advancement of the site and thenonappearance of the gifted labourers would bring about hurting the activities. The issue inenlistment would bring about framing the significant issues in the consummation of theundertaking. The issues identified with the restorative foundation of the staff would likewisebring about framing the issues in the fruition of the task (Bessis 2015). The nonappearanceof preparing offices of the staff would bring about shaping real issue in the task of siteadvancement of auto rental.Risk assessmentS.No.Risk FactorDescriptionProbabilitySeverityRatingMitigation1Absence ofskilled staffThe absence ofskilled staff is themajor problem ofthe project as thecomplete project isMediumHighHighExternal Staffshould beincluded
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