Report On Social Networking Sites As A Professional Medium Of Communication

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Running head: LITERATURE REVIEWLITERATURE REVIEWEngagement through micro blogging: educator professional development via TwitterName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
LITERATURE REVIEW 11. Article: Title: Engagement through micro blogging: educator professional development via TwitterAuthor: Jeffrey P. Carpenter & Daniel G. KrutkaPublish date: 2015Article Project History: The idea that has been put forwarded by the authors is that the socialnetworking sites like the Facebook and the Twitter has created a platform that can be used as aprofessional medium to communicate with each other. If the historical failing of the traditionalprofessional approach is taken into consideration, it has to be said that high quality professionaldevelopment (PD) is bound to enhance the relationship between the teacher practice and thestudent teaching (Carpenter & Krutka, 2015). The idea of the traditional PD was to engage theprofessionals as the participants and share their experience and expertise that would eventuallylead to the success of the individual. In order to achieve expertise and participate actively in theoverall activities several holistic approaches have been made. However, these traditionalapproaches were not much successful as the medium of communication was difficult. Therealways remains an instance that there might take place regular instances and activities withpeople that are completely absent when it comes to the new interaction media like Twitter(Carpenter & Krutka, 2015). Twitter has already grown up to be a micro blogging site wherethere are more 230 million users on a daily basis that has automatically created a professionalplatform for many users. Comparison: The high level of dissatisfaction of the traditional means of PD has given theopportunity to think about new and innovative means of making a professional relationship withthe educators or other professionals. In the recent time, everything has gone online, even the

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